Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday with a Twist

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(Chosen by Mrs Hub, are we surprised? I'm only amazed it wasn't BRIGHT COLOURS!)

This is a Bernina Record 730, circa 1960's. It's a gorgeous machine.
It was the first appliance my parents purchased in New Zealand, either the first or second day here in February 2000. This machine and I are great friends. In fact, I'd sooner work with this machine, than my mother's 1970's Singer. And she'll disown me for blaspheming her Singer.
This machine and I have "been together" since I was 14. When I was 16 I sewed my prom dress on this. When I was 17 I sewed skirts for Bible College, knowing there was a dress code at school. When I was 18 and home for Christmas, I sewed a top for a wedding I went to (I later abandon that top for another). When I was 21 I sewed my friend's wedding gown on this machine. When I was 22 I sewed a sling for Joshua on this machine - the striped one I always had him in.

This machine and I have been through a lot. And it's the best machine ever. I love it. It rarely has problems, in fact in all the years of beating this machine up, I don't think we've ever needed to service it. I guess it's true, the Swiss know what they're doing!

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  1. HOW AWESOME! We did a girl scout try it with old sewing machines... one of the moms restores the old machines and also has a 1 thousand plus dollar one and she MUCH prefers the old heavy duty machines over the new ones. the ones with no electricity involved!
    Now, mass production makes them shoddy (sp?) I suppose....

  2. very cool machine... i used to want one of those SO bad, but I just don't have time to sew anymore now. ha!


  3. I have a vintage sewing machine too. Only mines a Singer. Sorry :-). From the 40's. It still works great--although I don't use it too much...

    I'm having a blog fest Thursday (Central Time) it's only Tuesday evening here in Iowa--called It's Real Life

    You should totally come check it out, read the 'rules' and play along! I'd love it!

    Great pictures btw!

  4. My machine's the same era, but it's a Singer. It was my mom's first wedding anniversary present from my dad, and what I learned to sew on making Barbie Doll dresses at 10 years old. I made Adam and mine's quilt on it (still needs to be backed)all the curtains and pillows in our townhouse and do alot of mending and I wouldn't trade her for her new one for the world.

  5. I love things with memories like that. Great story and great pictures! The second is my favorite!

  6. Isn't amazing how our hearts attach themselves to certain things. I bet that beautiful sewing machine could tell many stories.

    I loved this Susie.

    Happy WWWAT!


  7. You take such great photos. Love them.
    I've been reading your blog for awhile and just now am commenting. Not sure why I've waited so long.

  8. Great pictures Susie! I love the story that goes along with them too. :)

  9. How awesome! I love the shots you took. Very special

  10. Found you through American Mum. I love the pictures of the sewing machine. The details in the pictures are amazing. You have an amazing gift to be able to sew. I wish I could. :)

  11. these pictures are great! it seems like you're really getting the hang of your new camera :) I actually have a sewing machine from like the 40's or 50's but all I know how to sew is a straight line! I seriously admire your sewing SKILLZ!

  12. I Love, love, love old sewing machines! I had one that has been misplaced somewhere in a move...it was one of the first portables made...and still working!

  13. I love to sew! What I wouldn't give to have an old machine like that! It's fantastic that you still use it.
    Great pictures too :)

  14. I love vintage sewing machines. They are just so amazing and heavy duty. You know nothing is going to hurt them and they'll get you through any sewing project you throw at them!