Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I hate a full heavenly nursery

Because it means there's another little one in God's arms, and not ours. It sucks. God knows what He's doing. But my heart sinks when I read the story of another family that discover their little one's not meant to stay with them.

Zachary James Tate's new life began last night. That's how his family termed it.

Zachary had Trisomy 13 - which is another chromosomal abnormality like T-18 and Down Syndrome. T-13 is fatal like T-18.

I wish I'd found their family while he was still alive. I had to leave my first comment as a condolence. And I hate writing condolences. Because it never sounds right. It's never good enough.

He was a beautiful 3lb boy. Check out his gorgeous family.

1 comment:

  1. While this means there are less here on earth sharing their lives and time with us, it does mean something great.

    It means that these beautiful children are free to dwell in the presence of God and are on their way to resurrection bodies. For those who are unaware:
    Resurrection bodies = awesome!

    I don't mean to denote the loss of others, or mock their morning. However I feel it is important to note that there is beauty amidst their sadness in the freedom those in "the heavenly nursery" now experience. And we are called to rejoice in that and praise the God who is fellowshipping with them and watching over us.