Saturday, June 7, 2008


No that's something I would have stopped to see in Pennsylvania - let alone in New Zealand.
Oce thought their "soozik" (music) was pretty cool. (Albiet them playing their rainmakers and flutes to pretaped music)

And then we went to the park to play on the "Sl-yy-d"

This is in the wrong order, this was one of our first stops. We bought some stripey stockings, because the shoes weren't that great. And then stopped in to ride on this car. She has yet to realize that the cars/trains outside grocery stores move with money. We won't be telling her either. She can sit and pretend, but I don't to show her and then have a hissy fit every time I don't have a coin on me. Especially since they run on $1 and $2 coins - that's an expensive little ride!
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  1. Oh wow! Looks like she's having a straight hair day. Humidity must be low. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Ok Susie,

    I just read that article that you posted about on Friday and I am furious! I love how she sits there like she's some kind of hero when in reality she tried killing her child. ARGHHH...Why does that happen? I can't understand it. And how exactly is she going to explain to her beautiful baby that she tried to kill him. I can't believe she doesn't see a problem in posing and being so great for this story. How embarrassing and disgraceful...Life means nothing to sad. Anyway, I am mad..haha!