Friday, June 6, 2008

A post

While I've posted pretty much every day, and maybe even twice a few days, I feel I haven't posted much this week. I have felt that way for about 3-4 weeks now, as though I don't post as much because I have a shortage of interesting bloggy-ness. Now, your comments do say otherwise, but maybe it's just my thing. I want an interesting blog - full of crazy stories, lots of pictures, etc. Now, granted - THAT kind of blog requires more time than I probably should give to a blog that doesn't make me any money, but.... the desire's still there. And you all know that this blog serves more as a therapeutic medium than anything else...

So, with that said. Here's a few things that I thought were interesting this week.

*** I posted earlier this week, in the midst of a grump-fest and then thought better of it about 5 hours later when the post had a dozen+ comments. I had written it generically, but it was about someone specific, and it would have been pretty easy for the person, or someone else who knows them to figure it out. So I removed it, because I'm SOOO not into drama, and didn't want to have one of THOSE conversations. The one that is all about hurt feelings, and difference of opions, and bitterness. No thank you. I'll remove the post, get over the issue, and hope and pray the person never brings it up again. Ha! Healthy right?

*** I watched a TV show last night that had all sorts of crazy questions on it - "Moment of Truth". Yah, some of it's interesting and some of it bothers me. 1) It bothers me that husbands and wives as so good at keeping secrets from one another 2) It bothers me that they wait till they get there, on national TV, to finally tell the truth to their spouse. Yes, the questions are invasive, but I'm pretty sure that my husband doesn't have any secrets that would totally shock me. I mean, we're definitely not your most open and communicative couple (we're certainly not known for our conversation skills as a couple), but good grief - some of those things are pretty darn serious! Didn't curiousity ask some of that? Anyways. All that to say, some of the questions started to pray on my mind - not "have you cheated" type questions, just some personal "what do you think about X" questions. And I'm not over it yet. Matt keeps asking me "what's wrong?" and I just told him this morning, "I'm trying to get over the stuff, but it's hard". I think it's more MY hangups, MY jealousies, MY personality that won't let stuff go. Ha! Matt and I have talked more than once about my tendencies to (metaphorically) get hold of something and shake it to death (ie. Never let stuff go - beating a dead horse, etc).
How do you personally deal with stuff? Do you decide "It's over. I'm done with this." Or do you stew for a few weeks, months, years? Do you let it go, and then let it fester somewhere deep? Even if it's unimportant to daily life?

*** Oceana hit the jackpot this week. Yesterday specifically. While I'm saying this: Thank you Ellen B. and Judy B. for your gifts to Oceana! This girl - she's so lucky. We got home around 11.30am from coffee with friends and discovered a bit package at the door. It had a bunch of new summer shirts (for next summer, or over long sleeves - all gorgeous!) and three new Cinderella pillowcases (which, oddly enough, match the pillowcase from her birthday sheets exactly) I told Matt now we can all have one, which he laughed at. Then at 11pm, when he was looking for another pillowcase, ended up grabbing it off the couch and this morning I giggled at my husband's pink Cinderella pillow Ahahahah! She also found some Cinderella/Disney Princesses stickers in there! So then Matt came home from work with a present that Judy had dropped off. Compete with pink pants and a flowered shirt - as well as a gift certificate for "appropriate footwear", which will be the adventure for the day (that and visiting the Farmer's Market). That girl is LUCKY. Wow! I should go rub off some of that Cinderella Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!

*** Matt's headed to Auckland this morning - 6 hours round trip - to pick up the DTS students. Marine Reach, as a part of Youth With a Mission does Discipleship Training Schools. DTSs are 12 weeks of basic lectures on God, the Bible, and such, then 8 weeks of outreach. It's like A) Learn B) Put it into practice. Usually the DTS lives on board ship during lectures, and then goes on outreach to various locations. This school split and some went with the ship for two outreaches and the other went to Cambodia and Thailand. They get back today for a last week of "reentry" - basically learning about life-after-outreach, because your mind's so wrapped up in living one way that returning to normalcy is kind of a grinding halt. Matt went to pick up a load of people at the airport. I wanted the car, we drove him to the office where the school vans are, drove home, discovered the iPod tape deck hookup, and returned to the office to give it to him. Poor man would have been bored out of his mind for 6 hours without some music.

*** Prawns. I know, what? I sent Matt with a shopping list yesterday that said either get A&B, A, or A+ essentially. And he came home with A&B, and prawns. I was thinking, why on earth would he buy prawns? Until he told me they were the same price that chicken with bones usually is. Are you kidding me? Chicken, minus bones, means wasted money, because you paid for a lot of bones. Prawns, since they still have to be peeled, are a bit heavier, but certainly not like chicken with their bones. And they're the same price? Wow, I hope we like prawn curry....
Clarification: What I mean about prawns and chicken and bones: If I buy 3 lbs of chicken, I may end up with one 2.5 lbs of actual meat, minus the bones. If I buy 3 lbs of prawns (shrimp w/shell, head, and tail still) and peel them, I get about 2.75 lbs (I'm guessing). So Essentially I've gotten more meat for the same price. Hope that makes more sense.

*** Peanut butter, jam, and maple syrup cream cheese frosting. You think I'm kidding right? Nope! That's called an overly-creative husband. On chocolate cake no less.
I have no words. It's not bad, but you can't tell what flavour you're getting every few bites. It's like, "That', wait... it's..."

*** Have I posted enough now? Ok. I'll take pictures at the Farmer's Market, and we're going to look at shoes, with that gift card. Or whatever else is on sale. And we're going to see if Joshua's story is in the paper. I'm starting to think it must be in the Sunday paper....


  1. Susie,

    I always like what you write here and I love your sense of humor. The frosting description in tasting cracked me up. Over the years I have dealt with stuff in all the ways you described, a few times all at the same time. (Now that's madness). And I have tried to shake a few things to death and succeeded. It's a hard one and I work on it daily. I am learning to pick my battles a little better and let some go. It is a work in progress. Keep posting Susie, we all learn from you and I continue to pray for your family as you get through your deepest loss. I have also checked Adiana's site and am praying for them. You KNOW what they face each day and I hope they have precious time with her. Chubby Cheeks is right!!:) Have a wonderful weekend Susie.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  2. hehe the cake sounds interesting.

    I did not quit get that chicken with bone thing though. I always thought chicken without bones were the best one to buy, not the one with.

  3. Hi Susie,

    I have to laugh at the way men reason when they are shopping. My DH has come up with some interesting combinations, not all are "safe" but I try them anyway.

    I'm definitely part of the beating and shaking things to death gang ;)