Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm in a blogging mood

Oceana and I at the park the other day.

Big girl.

So it's raining again. Blah. Matt said it's supposed to rain all week. I really dislike rain, but I know it's necessary. It's just annoying when I don't own a dryer. Luckily I did two loads yesterday, and they got partially dry before it started raining. So they have a better chance of getting dry on the drying rack inside, but it's wet outside, humid inside, and it's probably a good chance the jeans will take a few days to dry. Oh well. What can you do?

It's also bugging me that I said we were going on a walk to the park today and now I'm not sure it's smart to go out and get stranded in cold, rainy weather with a stroller/pram. Grrr. It's shaping up to look like a scones or muffins lunch day - something warm and filling. Maybe soup for dinner. Pardon me for thinking while writing.

I tried to take my pants in (they were borderline-falling-off) this morning, and I messed them up. I've been sitting here thinking about how I'm going to manage to fix them, since I've already trimmed out the extra. Thank goodness they were free, so I didn't waste money, but I was looking forward to having a pair of cargos (they hide a multitude of bumps and jiggles you know...).

I've been working on a green, tan, and blue puletasi (Samoan dress) for Oceana since last night. I started doing it by hand, and now I think I want to finish the whole thing by hand. It's going pretty well. It also makes me think about what I'm doing. Sometimes with a machine I get ahead of myself and end up taking stuff out nineteen times...

We got our electric bill yesterday. Ah yes, winter's here with a vengence. I'm sure all you moms and married understand - the first winter electric bill makes you say - "Ak! Who needs heaters!? Who needs hot dinner? Forget it, we're eating pb&j while playing board games and wrapped in blankets to stay warm!" As my mother would say, "Go put on another layer!" Hahahaha.

Speaking of which. My toes are cold. Serves me right for running around barefoot.

I'm gonna go make muffins for lunch. Byebye!


  1. We have oil heat and live in NY so we know its winter when we the oil tank doesnt last nearly as long as we would like. Last fill up was 1000 bucks. I dont even want to think about it for several months! I know what you mean about tossing on another layer. We dress like we are eskimos here, yet i too like to go barefoot.....

    hope lunch and a dinner was warm and toasty!

  2. I didn't get the pics of you and Oceana on this blog. Don't know why. I hate rainy weather...just a catalyst for dark moods. Have had enough of them for a while. I remember growing up and not having a dryer...clothes all over the house on Monday and Tuesday...hanging over the radiators, in the attic, the jeans last to dry. I thought I had left that life behind, but now am living it through my son and his family. It's not so's what you have to do. I admire you for choosing this life...I did not choose it...but I would embrace it now if I had to. Love you!

  3. The pics arent showing up.

  4. I can't see the pictures either!

  5. Hi Susie, it's Cindy, just got a call Marie is dialated to 2. The doctor is going to let them know what they are gonna do in just a bit, I will keep you posted.
    God Bless...