Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The pictures + extras

She kissed the floor today too....

I pulled her away from someone that she was annoying and she did that 2-year-old-flail onto the floor. She got carpet burn on her nose and chin and bit through her lip with both front teeth. Yeesh. And I was in the pastor's office having a meeting with a few other people about the VBS program in 3 weeks. Oh fantastic. Don't you love it when your pastor has to run out of the room to get papertowels and a drink for your bleeding child? She's fine, just not fond of kisses right now - every time she says, "Owie!!!!"

Like I told Ps. Mike - I sort of expected that I'd be the parent with the bleeding child, she's just too adventurous.

He then told me about jumping off a balcony and breaking his leg at 2, crawling across a 4 lane highway and 18 months, and countless stomach pumps for poisonous berries and spiders.

Yay. At least I have it easy. She fell asleep in my arms during the remainder of the meeting and even let me carry her on a short walk down the street still sleeping.
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  1. Beautiful picture of you and Oceana. Who is the photographer? You are ever the professional. I'll put this up on the background in a few days after the newspaper photo....maybe...too many good photos to choose from. Love seeing your faces every time we come face to face with the computer! Love you!

  2. Oh, for those precious moments of a still, peaceful, sleeping child....

    But, if they were always that way life would be so boring!
    (Sometimes I could use a little more boring and a little less adventure. If you know what I mean ;))


  3. She is so cute! Don't you love holding your kiddos while they are sleeping?! It's one of my favorite things :)

  4. Lovely pictures! She's a beautiful girl :)

    Your bleeding in the pastors office story had my giggling. Not that she got hurt of course! Just that it sounds totally like something that would happen to me with my boys. Ahhh, the joys of parenthood!

  5. This may sound silly, but since you are originally from the US, do you celebrate 4th of July in any way now?