Monday, June 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday with a Twist

This is not meant to be my WWWAT entry, this is one that I mistakenly posted a week early for Chocolate week back in May. I thought it was funny. My real one comes tomorrow.

I had clever intentions of baking something on Tuesday, so I'd have pictures on Wednesday. But instead I baked Momma Jenna's Bars with semi-sweet chocolate chips in them on Friday or Saturday. So, these

.....crumbs and one slightly burnt piece.....

are all that is left.

So all I have to say about chocolate in my house is:

Chocolate has a short life expectancy in my home.
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  1. Look amazing! Chocolate posting day is next wednesday though. But nevermind! Just link to this post!

  2. mmm they look yummy even if they are crumbs and slightly burnt!

    hey i'm doing a cookie (well really any and all sweets!) blog carnival thingy over at my place. make something sweet, write up the recipe, maybe a pic or two and then post the link to it. I'd love it if you would make something. The details are posted under the great cookie swap.

  3. whoa so i just created a blog page, not reallly on purpse, but by accident, oops, lol, you are my only blog i read so far, lol, and my page is sad and very empty... hahaha

  4. Too funny! It has a short life expectancy around here too!