Monday, June 16, 2008

Two people I'm proud of

It seems to be a trend this week - talking about my siblings - so I thought I'd share about two more people I love. Dahvede and Havalah. I know, talk about a mouthful of names.

Havalah is my youngest sister - she's four years younger than me, which makes her 19 next month. She's beautiful girl with as much straight hair as I have curly hair. People are amazed we're related when it comes to the hair - it's unreal how different it is. Havie's hair barely bends. Havalah is pronounced, "Ha Vuh Luh". Not Habila or Halibut, which is similar to what comes out of spellcheck with her name. In fact her big joke is that spellcheck thinks her name is Avalanche, which I just checked via blogger spellcheck, and it does. She's just been at Bible college for a year, and is moving back (in TWO DAYS) to our house. She'll live with us and then go to teaching college, starting next January.

Dahvede (Dah Veed) is a - oops - 20? year old man from America. He's actually half Kiwi, and was born here, but moved back to the US when he was a toddler. He came to a DTS on the ship last year, or well - 18 months ago. That was in the 2nd half of 2006. We met him because we were always down on the ship visiting my parents. Oceana became the mascot (like she does for every school), she was only about 3-9 months old during that school. My parents were staff on that school, living on the ship with Havalah and Josiah. Havalah and Dahvede "got to know one another" ahahahahahha. And they've been together ever since! Havalah was 17 and Dahv was 18. And my Dad was climbing the walls because his last little girl was seriously dating a boy. Ak! Poor dads, this was heart attack territory, even though Dahv's a fantabulous guy. Oh, for the record, Dahvede comes through spellcheck as Belvedere.

In December 06 Dahvede went home to the US. Havalah moved to the US the following June (07) and then went to Bible college. Dahv lived in IL and AZ (AZ the 2nd half) and Havie was in NY, so it wasn't lik they saw each other very often - every few months actually.

But now, by coincidence, they're ending up in the same country, the same town, just a few minutes drive from each other! Dahvede's coming to staff a school, just like his, on the ship starting in July 08. So he'll be here in a few weeks. He's made a one year commitment to stay here and staff two schools. He's a really great guy. If you'd like to read about what he'll be doing or more about him, check out his blog. Havie also has a blog, which is more of an on-a-whim blog.

So there you go. Now I've introduced you to the lot. Oh, and when I've actually met Drew (Cate's boyfriend) I'll blog about him. And if my brother asks a girl out, you can be SURE I'll be blogging that one. With or without his permission. Hehehe.


  1. Aw! i feel so special! I'm working on a blog today! But Phil Taylor is here so I have to go be social! Love you!!!

  2. Boy Susie,

    These two make a beautiful couple just like you and Matt! They look inseparable already:) You have a beautiful family of girls and your brother is a doll too. Your parents should be so proud, and I am sure they are. How great for you to have your sister living with you guys. And you know what, blogger spellcheck is so "out of it" it redlines me whenever I spell someones name the way they spell it. I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and beautiful weather. California is really nice now.

    Love you guys, Laurie in Ca.
    PS. Thanks so much for answering my email. They finally posted, thank God and the baby is still safe inside.

  3. Just a correction. Havalah is a year younger than me, not two. She was 17 and I was 18. Your father would have really freaked out if she was 16 at the time.

    Appreciate being a part of your blog Susie. It's flattering. Looking forward to seeing you in 2.5 weeks. In the meantime packing calls my name...

  4. I checked out Havalah's site (love the name btw) and thought you should know (in case you didn't) that that's ruth harlan's sister (Now married and prego!) So weird how the Elim wheel spins round and round...

  5. Belvedere... that hilarious.

    You are so lucky to have a sister to have live with you... I'd give a whole lot to have that right about now. :)