Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Yah, so if you've ever watched America's Next Top Model (of which I am now an obsessed fan) and you were watching 3 seasons ago - Season 8, you'll remember Renee. She was the blonde who'd just had a baby. She was from Maui, Hawaii.

I guess friend was a bit of a generous statement. Better to say, she was my roommate the first half of my Fall junior semester in college - we were in NYC on an internship - she was one of my 3 roomates. She went to Bible College for a year - no, I'm not kidding.

We weren't friends before junior year (she was a midtermer, had been around for the last semester) - in fact I didn't like her. And when we returned to our school campus after the internship, halfway through the semester we didn't hang out much as all. Granted - I was more than a little wrapped up in oogling over this guy name Matt Sams. But I think we were friends because we were roommates, and there were only about 30 girls on our internship - so it wasn't like I had tons of people to hang out with. And she was on my team, so we were together all day, every day for 7 weeks. If that doesn't make you friends, I don't know what does.

When she left the school in December, I never saw or hear from her again. Someone had emailed her or called her and heard she had a miscarriage before her little boy. Then the girls I went to school with started emailing around saying she was ANTM about 2 1/2 years from the last time anyone saw her.

So friend is generous - since it was really a short period we hung out - but roommates we were.... for a bit.

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