Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What not to do...

Assume that someone else's schedules will look good to you. Hahaha. I do appreciate all the recommendations - but wow... when I see schedules my skin crawls.

Do you know that not long ago I referred to one of my strengths as "administration and organization"? Who was I kidding! I've since learned that I enable and execute! If you give me 15 teenagers, I can get them going, get them where they need to be, make sure they're doing whatever they were supposed to be doing - but I will forget 20 things, possibly nappies for Oceana (NOTORIOUSLY!) and then I will improvise. I'm an improviser and an executer. Give me a job, I'l get it done. But if I come up against a situation - I'll improvise, sort it out, try something different. I am the QUEEN of "emptying" the diaper for recycling, and have been known to use papertowels as a barrier, just in case.

I have been known to safety pin stuff together, cut things apart to make new things, and redo a schedule at a moment's notice - just to get everything covered. I'm reminded of being in NYC once, when my friend Renee (anyone watch ANTM) needed a dress for our banquet. She had nothing on hand, so we went to the Salvation Army on Steinway in Queens and bought a shimmery prom skirt. I cut out the lining, gave her a slip to wear instead, and made her a matching (lining was the same shade) shawl. Why? Because it was needed. And I could.

That's just me. But following an exact schedule - makes my head spin. Which is probably why I have a harder time getting stuff done. I'm more organized than I used to be. I'm getting there.

Oh, and another thing not to do? DO NOT under any circumstances assume that you only need 9 fingers, because you'll end up making dinner with 5. What am I on about? I was slicing up meat for dinner - curry.....yummy.... - when I took off the tip of my left thumb. Well, to be fair, it's still there - but not of any use. So there I was (Matt had gone to pick something up, and I didn't know where he was) with dinner half cooked (and needing further cooking) and my hand wrapped in a clean cloth diaper. But dinner needs doing right? I had to move it because we thought we had a meeting at a friend's house at 7.15, I couldn't wait for Matt to come home. So tried a bandage and went on making dinner. After 10 minutes I realized that wasn't going to work. So I sent Matt and SMS from the computer to please hurry home, but that it wasn't "911" - haha - and went back to the cloth diaper, coz that worked better.

As it turned out, the meeting was cancelled, so I wasn't in such a rush as I thought I was. But... now I'm the one sporting a huge and very attractive bandage on my thumb. Good thing it's not my writing hand. I'd be sunk. And as for typing, it's only a spacebar-finger, so we're ok. I HATE getting bandages on my fingers and then trying to type.

Arvois! I think that's how it's spelled!


  1. The most helpful advice I've ever gotten about keeping up with housework (and most doable) was to take one hour after kids bedtime...or whatever alotted time works for you, an hour was great for me...and go around the house, doing whatever needs to be done to clean up etc. You know you only have to do one hour, and it's amazing how much you can get done! When the time is up, stop. I did some things during the day, like vacuuming...but the hour an evening really seemed to keep me on track and out from underneath the mountain of housework that can build up if you're like me and put things off til you HAVE to do it! The other trick for me is to do it before I sit down and relax in the evening...if I don't do it right away, it won't get done.

  2. I think you are a great job. Life is about prioritizing right? Schedules are rough, I have a hard time trying to fit stuff in so I'm not about to offer suggestions to someone else, but there is something I came across that I am thinking of using to help me not forget stuff on my way out the door.

    The little "organizer" I saw on spoonsisters.com hung from the doorknob & there was a place to clip your keys, hold letters/bills to be mailed etc. I'm not one to order an online thingy but I think its a good idea so I think I'm just going to super glue a clippy thing (I'm VERRY technical I know) to a dry-erase board & hang that on the door. That way if there is something I always need to take (like my cell) I can just write it on there once & I will see it everytime I leave & the clippy thing can hold papers I need to take with me or mail. Anyways just wanted to share. Hope you are having a good day.


  3. Hey Susie... I've missed you. Adam and I have implemented our "no computer except on Wednesdays and Saturdays" gig. *twitch twitch*

    I love how much like me you are. It makes me feel less alone and like I'm the only one who does stuff like that.

    And it's au revoir

    Catch you on Saturday *wink*

  4. organization is so over rated! :) if only that were so.

    i think more people in the world need to be able to improvise so you've got that on all them!

  5. I also do the hour after bed time! You can seriously get so much done if you allow yourself that one hour!

    Renee?? The blonde on ANTM? She's your friend? I loved her!

  6. Oh poor thumbkin! I sliced off my fingertip once when I was slicing celery. My husband put it in a baggie and drove me to the hospital. It turns out they wouldn't sew it back on unless it was more than 1/4-inch, which it wasn't. The point of this morbid story?

    Your body can grow back the little bits that get hacked off.

    I so hear you about the organization madness. I would assume, if you're anything like us, you all just let things slide during those days with Joshua. We sure did this past year with our son's hospital stays. I still haven't unpacked our bags. There is something overwhelming about it all.

    I think the other commenter had a great idea - set a timer and just do whatever you can in that time. If I don't set limits for myself I get stuck in it all where emptying the dishwasher suddenly turns into reorganizing the cabinets which turns into sorting through the pantry which turns into madness. Haha.

    Something to go along with that, since you're setting a time and technically working "on the clock" why not pay yourself? Seriously! I figure my time is worth $5/hour so I chuck a bill into a pot every hour I do work and then buy myself something fun at the end of the week. :)


  7. Hi,

    I am the 'scheduler' from a previous comment. I certainly did not mean to assume my approach would suit you. I only commented because I thought you asked how people find balance and if anyone followed a schedule. I think your family is super sweet and as I am taking care of my own baby my heart is heavy for you and your loss. I visit your blog often and pray for you at night when I am sometimes frustrated with my own little blessing. From your blog I get the impression that you are more of a free spirit and spur-of-the-moment 'do-er' than I will ever be. I live for schedules and routine. However, I thought you asked for that kind of info and I wondered if maybe you wanted to try on a different approach. Clearly everyone is different and I hope you find the balance that works for you. I certainly did not mean to offend or appear closed-minded about it. All the best!