Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Anonymous

I'm definitely not offended that you left your schedule for me to peruse! I think my statement was made more tongue-in-cheek than anything. And I was looking for advice, but when I saw schedules I realized how much I dislike schedules. :) Your advice is appreciated, and I'm having to learn that if I don't put some amount of (at least) routine or (at most) schedule in my day/week/month, I'm gonna drive myself crazy. I do have some routines. But they are flexible. I think a schedule would make me feel I couldn't be flexible without "throwing the whole system out of whack". But I do appreciate it - please don't think I was grumpy that you posted that. I'm amazed you typed the whole thing out!

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  1. Ok so I think schedules stink! They don't work because the second you get off just a bit the whole thing has gone down the drain. I think its just a matter of trying to manage your time the best you can. Yet that still is very hard. I have told my husband this for year's, and he still thinks we would be better off on a schedule. Life happens and schedules only make you stress more about it. I have just started back to school after 14 years and i have found that a schedule no mater how hard I try to keep one doesn't work. I get up take my son to school, come home and do house work, and then at 10am I try to get on the computer to start my class work. All online classes! But of course a doctors appt or a field trip for my sons class or something gets in the way of that. I have found it best to try and get on when he is gone at school or when he has gone to bed for the night and my husband is off doing what ever it is that makes him happy or he needs to do.
    I know that its a matter of what works for you. Trying to find someone to take your child is a pain and at times feels like you are being a pain. I dont think putting her in childcare is the answer.
    If you are looking for opinions then I say get on when its quiet and stop when you have to take care of something. Try to make a point of doing your work when she is sleeping. Yes the house will become a mess and the dishes may not get done till the morning, but its all about time... There is never enough time to get it done.
    What is good about what you are doing is that it sounds like its something that you enjoy and are very good at. Keep it up dont give up and just remember things will get done. Things always seem to fall into place when you least expect it. You will find your grove and you will be able to work with it and it will all be wonderful.
    I always say put it into God's hands and he will guide you. Im sure you know this better then most.