Sunday, May 4, 2008

My week

What's a girl to do when she's bored? Well, I started looking through my stuff. I passed up knitting, crochetting, sewing, scrapbooking, cleaning, and a lot of other things. I found a puzzle. One of those garage sale momentoes my mom found (I think). So I got cracking.

Puzzles are ok - but this week I got INTO it. Man! This one's got 1000 pieces. I did it on my own. In a few days.
I was pretty thrilled to finish it. AND! There weren't any pieces missing! Kool!

And a parenting story. I'm sure this blog just scares all of you into not having 2 year olds.
You can just barely seem some "red residue" on those toes right? WELL! I was in a hurry yesterday morning. Oce was having a fit, so I brought her in the bathroom while I was having my shower. It's a stand-alone shower, with clear doors (but that's mottled plexi-glass, so you can see shapes, but not definition). So I look down all of a sudden and see Oceana holding something red.


Red nail polish.

All over the feet, the tiles, the jeans, the polar fleece, and her hands.

Thank goodness, the floor and the child are clean. The jeans and the polar fleece? Well, those are soaking - scrubbed with both nailpolish remover and Sard bar (a la VUNDERFUL laundry tool). And I don't have the guts to go look at them yet. Oh well. It'll be a good story when we pull the clothes out in 15 years to ooh and ahh over.

And yes, she is sitting on her potty. She even left me presents. Presents. I'm such a sicko.
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  1. There is never a dull moment when you have children. Never. >:0)

    Kudos on finishing the puzzle. Gosh, I do well to finish a two hundred piece puzzle at this point.

  2. You are not a "sicko" :) I know how exciting presents can be :)

  3. I'm half way through emailing you but I wanted to comment on the puzzle. You must have been out of the house when mom got into that one. I remember it sitting on that flimsy little card table for MONTHS! She would work on it while we watched TV sometimes. One day cate, josiah and I decided it was interesting and we had it finished in a couple days. Fun times. Hope you had fun with it!