Saturday, May 3, 2008

The hair update

I feel so silly writing this post - it's like my blog has become a la random just lately. Anyways.

I found a website - which seems to have some good info on taking care of curls and living with them without putting up with them.

I'm going to get my hair cut on Monday - had a consultation with the girl. I told her I hadn't had a professional cut in 4 1/2 years and I ACTUALLY saw the horror in her face! She immediate starts grabbing at my hair to see what I'd done to it - chopping it over the sink. Hehe.

The plan is to get some serious layers (coz it's all one length - ish, since it was cut over the sink piece by piece) and cut it down to a point in the back (ie. short in front, long in back) but keep as much of the length as possible. Coz short hair makes me look like a triangle. My hair sorta does the "A" shape around my head. Not really flattering.

On the hair dryer front. Haha. I love it - I mention my hair coz I had a bad hair day and ya'll are jumping on sending a hair dryer. Um. I have to say I feel ridiculous since we're living on "faith" (ie. we don't work and rely on other people to support us) and something non-essential's being offered.

But if that's something you want to do I'm not going to tell that you can't. Email me privately if you wanna talk further - since I don't want to turn my blog into "Diffuser-World". Hahaha.

Oh, and I tried something new this morning. Hmm... well, now I know another way NOT to do it. Haha.


  1. I would give my left arm to have hair like yours. My hair is broomstick straight and won't hold a heat-induced curl for more than an hour. I get regular perms, about three a year, curly just like yours. The trick is to NOT use so much stuff (very drying) on it other than conditioner. I use a regular conditioning mask, then a spray leave-in conditioner and just let it dry by itself. Then you have to keep your hands off it or it will frizz out. I generally just let it hang (looks like Oprah's hair) or pull it back with a headband. I get compliments on my hair all the time, mostly "is it natural?". LOL. I live in a very dry climate though so maybe all the humidity in your area doesn't help, but I think if you skip all the gel and hairspray you will have better luck. I think your hair is gorgeous.

  2. Hi Susie,
    I read your blog, but don't usually comment. I almost feel silly saying this, being this is the first comment I have ever left. But from 1 curly haired girl to another, take the dryer, it is SO essential!

  3. ha ha. I left for two days and I come back to all this hair talk :) Im a hair That said I do NOT have curly hair - mine is stick straight and let me tell you that sucks too! I am also an admitted self hair I have had... one hair cut in a salon probably 3 years ago and before that it was a year or two too and I did not like my salon cut so back to doing it Anyway. I know you've already discussed it but Layers is DEFINATELY the way to go... a good friend of mine from school has really curly hair like yours and she alway did the layers and never hair gel... Im not sure what brands or anything she used but alot of de-frizz stuff and I think some pomade and her hair always looks like that girls hair in the picture : ) Good luck on Monday : )

  4. Hey Love. I forgot to mention something else the other day. I want to get a new hairdryer and diffuser. I thought since we're gonna be living together we could both use it. And I could bring it from here since it's cheaper probably. Anyways.. maybe we could just go in together. There's some at walmart that come with the diffuser for about $15 to $20. Anyways. Lemme know what you think. Love you dearie!!!


  5. I think the layers will be great! Cindy & I were talking this morning and we both love the straight look too!! Girl if someone chooses to bless you with the dryer PRAISE GOD!! there is no desire too small that he wil not listen & BESIDES YOU HAVE BLESSED US ALL IN SUCH AN AMAZING WAY BY YOUR LIVES!!! just say "bring it Lord" :) love YA Marie

  6. You're too cute! And you crack me up too!

  7. Christinaaaaa TMay 3, 2008 at 8:30 PM

    veryyyy excited about the new look, it always makes for a happy day!! YAY!!!

  8. I agree with the less products approach - it really helps for me. I do not have very curly hair, but I have heard that if you have curly hair you should not use shampoo, just use conditioner...maybe its worth a shot.

  9. I know all about the curly hair girl... mine is naturally curly and I have all the same battles you do! I wish I had advice for you.
    Layers is a good thing though. My hair is been *somewhat* easier to deal with since I got layers about 6 years ago.

    I don't always comment, but I'm always praying for you!