Friday, May 9, 2008

My accent

Yeah, I think it's safe to say that I have an accent. I've been here in New Zealand a total of 5 years, and I've always said things a bit different than the average American. I actually think American accents (AND OH YES YOU DO HAVE ONE!) sound very harsh (I have opinions about most accents, but in efforts to keep my friends I'm keeping them to myself).

But my accent changes with the people I'm around. If I'm with my friend from Long Island, I sound like a Lowng Iylund Italian. Hehehe. And when I'm down south, I'm prone to using "ya'll". In fact, that one still escapes my mouth too often (and I haven't lived in Virginia in 9 years)!

I sound more Kiwi when I'm with Kiwis, however, they usually can pick me out pretty quickly. But the may not know immediately WHICH country I'm from (which is kool with me). Most of the time I say thing with an accent because it makes me stick out less and it helps people understand me. We all use Kiwis words - because it saves confusion.

Windscreen - windshield
Super tub - wash tub
Washing - Laundry
Jug - Kettle
Morning tea - coffee break
Smoko - coffee break
Jandals - flip flops
Jersey - Sweatshirt
Letterbox - mailbox

Simple changes. Makes for less confusion. Haha. Nothing like asking for peanut butter and jelly and getting the ODDEST look ever! (Jelly is jello and Jam is simply jam).


  1. Aussie v Kiwi...
    trough - super tub
    thongs - jandals
    jumper - jersey

    Our pastor and his wife are NZeders (I think I've told you this before) and the most hilarious things they've said where we've looked at them blankly, trying to figure it out was Phenergen. Sue's accent is much thicker than Bruce's, and she said "Finnigan" where we say feh-ner-gen! She also told us of this time at work where she had the same thing happen only she said that she said that she "had signed a cheque" only she says it "chick".

  2. When I got to England, I was determned not to use the english terminology because I thought I would look like a wanna be. Then I realized I had to in order to communicate what I was saying! Now I'm so used to saying certain words that I do it without even realizing it.

  3. hee hee...with my kids at work...I have to use more of a southern accent for anyone to understand me...if I break out all typical northern..haha! good luck! and its not that big of a difference here really...but still...crazy stuff...accents and all:)