Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Saturday looked like

Someone very graciously paid for my Ladies Breakfast ticket last Sunday. And being the picture-monger I am, I took my camera. Haha. This is the only picture I took, because I very quickly felt awkward shooting.
The gift at each place setting was a square plate and coffee cup with a pansy planted in it! Sooo cute! Except I want the cup and can't find something else to plant it in. I don't want to put it outside, since it's getting colder and it'll most likely die. Oh, and there were chocolates. Never forget the chocolates!

Cute right? "for you..." written in white out on black paper. Nice touch.

Oceana driving the Barney and Friend's car at the mall. We were bored, needed to get out, and ended up walking aimlessly in the mall. It was rainy and gray today - definitely not park weather.

She's pretty cute, huh?

Like a deer in headlights.

Being the fantastic timer she is - she waited till we were out to soak through her diaper and overalls.
*Realized after finding a wet butt shape on my hip*
I had an extra diaper, but have (since 12-18 months) stopped bringing extra clothes everywhere. I'm just not a planner. I'm one of those women who throws a diaper in her purse and a roll of crackers. A sweatshirt... maybe... if I'm thinking ahead.

ANYWAYS! I can sure bather, can't I?
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  1. I hardly even take nappies, nowdays... It cracks me up how much less you cart around the more babies you have. I remember when I had Troy, and my nappy bag was the Tardis (doctor who) and I carried about 5 cloth nappies, liners, 2 changes of clothes including socks, an extra blanket, dummies, wipes, bags for dirty stuff, a burp cloth and probably a few other things... for a trip to the supermarket. I had twins next, still carried asome stuff, but the bag was smaller... a change or 2 of disposable diapers and perhaps a change of clothes. I had another, and it's just a nappy or two thrown into my handbag if I thought about it. Had another, hardly bother ever.

    And you thought you could prattle *wink*