Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Plan

Just thought since I won't be blogging (planned anyways) during the day I'll let you know why.

Our friends are coming to pick up our trailer so they can move today. Nesi's 7 months pregnant and they've finally got a nice 2 bedroom house - instead of a 1 bedroom apartment in a bad neighborhood. Quite happy for them! They were looking BEFORE we were! Wow! Anyways, I asked Nesi yesterday if I can throw her a baby shower (apparently no one else offered) which may be strange, since I've just lost Joshua - but I love Nesi and I don't want her to miss out on that "first baby shower" thing. Coz it ROCKED!

It's raining and I need the car, so I'll drop Matt off at work. I walked yesterday so he could have the car. Which is fine - except I was all hot and sweaty for 10 minutes and then FREEZING because the office is chilly. It takes 30 minutes of walking "briskly" to get there. Good exercise. But I drove home - hehe.

I'm taking Oceana to Mainly Music at church - like Mommy and Me or Music and Movement. She's been going since she was 4 months old and LOVES it. She's a dancer/jumper/extrovert who loves people!

After that we'll stop in at home to grab some lunch and then (THE PLAN) she goes to Joanne's. Jo's never watched her before, and she's 8 months pregnant, so I'm not going to assume she'l l have the energy to chase my crazy daughter all afternoon. We'll see how it goes. I'm going to the office for a little while. I'm quite happy with work, coz I actually got stuff done yesterday!

I'm working on a magazine (and have NO graphic design experience it's a bit scary). I opened if for our office admin (Zanda) to look at and he's like "Wow!" Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you! It's a bit scary when you start on a project with only a few ideas in your head that you've heard people talk about in passing. Like the words of my cousin 6 years ago - "One or two fonts! That's it! Not 15 fonts on ONE PAGE!" Haha. Anyways. The same goes for colours. NOT 19 COLOURS - unless it's a 4 year old's birthday invite - and even then maybe not.

And then... well we'll see what happens for dinner. Maybe fish and chips. Oh... I hope so!

Have a good day!


  1. Sounds like you'll be busy!!

    How nice of you to offer to throw a shower for your friend. I'm sure it especially means a lot to her because of you losing Joshua. It takes a good friend to put aside their sorrow for someone else's joy!! I'll keep you in prayers for great ideas and a joyous heart for this shower.

    Have a great day, and even though I don't like fish and chips, I hope you get them since that's what you want...

  2. Oh how I wish that I could babysit her. UGH!!!

  3. Susie, what a great friend you are ... you are very strong! Keep smilin'