Monday, April 14, 2008

Oceana's Birthday Party

The Cinderella cake - well, a castle anyways.

Getting some help blowing out all.... two ..... candles.

SCORE! Cinderella (and other princesses) stuff!

And a Winnie The Pooh book.

It was a fun day with Grace, Eli, Malachi, and Rikayla (and parents). And I think Matt and I decided that there shouldn't be that many hyped-out sugar-loaded kids in our house again. HAHAHA!

She did wear her princess dress for a little while, but it's too long to keep up with those other sugar-loaded kids in.
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  1. Sounds like the party was a success and that you had a sugar crash, too! Susie, you are too funny! I hope you showed your kitchen who was master.

  2. Loved the cake! It looks like you had a fun day. Your house looks wonderful- you are awesome at getting things settled in! It takes me much longer to do that!
    Way to go!

  3. The birthday cake is adorable!! I'm glad they had fun. Her hair is really growing. Is that curls that I see? Hope her birthday package arrives soon.

  4. Tell Eli that he needs to start sharing that hair!! haha! I agree with mom sams though... i see curls!!! YAY! Love you Susie! See you soon!