Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a quick post to say

... Note "Elijah Douglas" on my blogroll. That's Marie's son (with the encephalocele).

... Pictures of the birthday to come after I've dominated my kitchen (which is still in a "STATE" after the birthday party yesterday and ensuing destruction of EVERY clean dish in the house. Just about)

... Thinking a lot about Joshua today, about God, about life. Probably due in part to my sinus headache that is making me lay low and also in part to the rainy, gray day outside.

... Oceana is well into her 3rd hour of afternoon nap. Sugar crashes go into the next day??? Hey, I'll take it. It's been blissfully quiet during this sinus headache mess.

... Matti went shopping to buy me hair gel (among other groceries) and this is exciting because I used up the last of my hair gel for Joshua funeral (over a month ago...) so for those who know me, that means I've been scraping my hair back for a month. Nothing makes a woman feel dumpy like doing the "coping with bad hair" hair-do for a month. UGH.

... I'm still procrastinating on the kitchen debacle. Do you see it? I've run out of things to say, but I'm still here. Ok.

... Seriously.

... No, really, I'm going.

... Okay this is pathetic.

... Goodbye.


  1. HI Susie!! sounds like a great b-day party! Don't you just love those long naps!!! Whenever Josiah goes longer than 2 hours I feel like I'm getting away with somthing!!!!! TOO BAD THERE IS NO KITCHEN GEANIE!!! then we'd really be getting away with somthing!!! WELL I HAVE TO SHARE A THOUGHT... last night I couldn't fall asleep JOSHUA was heavy on my mind and heart. I kept telling the Lord how much HIS COURAGEOUS LIFE STILL MEANS TO STEVE, ELIJAH & I. I told the Lord that I wanted him to PLEASE GIVE ME WORDS TO EXPRESS MYSELF TO YOU and this is what HE GAVE ME..."JOSHUA MATHEW SAMS, YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEACON IN THE STORM OF OUR LIFE" every time I see a picture of a light house I will think of you, sweet baby boy!!!! all our love, THE DOUGLAS FAMILY thanks for letting CHRIST'S light shine through YOU ALL, MATT, SUSIE, OCEANA & JOSHUA!!!!!

  2. *HUG* You're doing good, Susie.

  3. ha ha thats so funny!!

    Hope your sinus clears soon!

  4. I do the constant hair pulled back thing when I need to color my hair...

    I don't know which is worse, the "severe librarian" or "the I'm three weeks over due for a color" look.

    Yay for hair gel!!


  5. I can so relate to the sinus headache almost can't function, not quite a migraine, but almost. Thankfully someone was sleeping. toodles, Sheila, NV

  6. you are too funny. you sound alot like me- TOTALLY not domestic. I hate it. Hence Im online WAY more than I should be too :)