Monday, April 14, 2008

The house 1

The lounge (living room). Stairwell (duh...) in the background.
That's the Joshua's collection on the dresser and above it.

Don't look at the mess. I was busy dominating the kitchen.

The dining room/office. We have a gorgeous dining table, without chairs. We're looking at the moment, for now we eat on the couch. This works for us. But when we get chairs (ie. pay for chairs) we'll be sitting in them because we (DUH) paid for them!

Only thing I really don't like about this house. This is the laundry room. And the front entry. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh.... Note the hats and bags hung on the left, shoes on the floor - and... the dirty laundry on the floor. And THIS is what people see first when they come in my house. And - because I don't do diaper pails - the nappy bucket is in the washtub RIGHT BESIDE THE DOOR when you come in. Blah.
"Welcome to my home! Can you smell the urine?"
Granted we only do cloth for a day or two if we run out of disposables and don't have time to run out - but STILL!

The Kiwi (New Zealand) way. And Europe, etc. Toilet in a separate room. Works well. Except in houses that don't have a sink in the room (our last house did). So you have to go next door to get to the sink. Note the forlorn potty on the side. It didn't get used today. Darn. That's okay, I was not feeling good. Potty training kinda sucks anyways. And I was tired. And we're not really "pushing" it yet. Just encouraging it if she offers. One of these days though....

Because I am sick of diapers. Bring on the undies!
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  1. I love real people. You took pictures like it is and didn't hide the toys closet or line up the shoes perfectly. Good for you! Life is too short to pretend to be perfect. I admire your style! What a woman!! toodles, Sheila, NV

  2. Do you suppose that you could put up a tension rod or curtain rod and hang a pretty curtain (which of course you would sew yourself because that's the kind of girl you are) or even a nice shower curtain in front of the washer and dryer? This is what we did in one of the rooms in our house where the closet was our dumping ground and we wanted to make it look a little nicer.

    Your house is too cute anyway, no one's going to worry about where the washer and dryer are. :)