Monday, April 14, 2008

The house 2

The bathroom. Separate shower. Good. Now I don't have to clean the tub much. Oceana usually gets a shower - coz she doesn't want to be "left out" when I go. Whatever. Less work. Less sitting beside the tub getting bored. Less reasoning with a 2 year old that it REALLY is time to get OUT of the tub.

Havie - this will be your room. At the moment is the collection point for games with small pieces and obviously the printer - which we hid when the kids were at the party. Don't ANYBODY tell Matti he's posted online without his shirt. Hehe.

Anybody know him 2 years ago? Anybody notice a loss of weight? YEEEAAH. Don't let your husband go on a diet and start excercising when you get pregnant. I tell people we traded [fat].

The "under the stairs closet". Hey, I'm not gonna hide it - it's a disaster. But it's a wonder! The toys go in. The door shuts. Voila. No more mess. So long as you keep the door shut. Then we take out one or two things at a time.

A shot from the stairwell. It's nice. I like this house.
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  1. Kyle and I were looking at your pics and he said "hey who is that, o my goodness it's Matt he sure lost a lot of weight" don't let him get carried away with it, by the way love your new house it's great

  2. lol! I love how honest you are about messiness!