Saturday, April 26, 2008

I should clarify

Just a quick note to say: Melody - do you remember this? Haha. We visited just for you!
To everyone else: When I was 17, my best friend lived with us for about 6 months. Mel and our family went on holiday and came through Taupo. This is Taupo Bungy - over a gorgeous river. Jumpers jump from the end of the platform and can choose to be "immersed" (rope is lengthened so they go in the water). Yeesh! Mel and I were standing there talking about it. I'm horribly afraid of heights - I can't even handle standing on the platform. I told Melody she "couldn't do it". Haha. As in - an underhanded dare. She turned to me and said, "Great, now I have to do it!" So she jumped. She screamed "Susie! I hate you!" all the way down. Oh sure - like it was my fault! She's the crazy one who can't turn down a dare! :) Hehe.

Ok - anyways. The clarification.

I think the issue with the house is this: I can have it clean, slightly organized - whatever. It's the fact that mess ACTUALLY stresses me out. And when I start cleaning I get pissed off. Literally - like I'm walking around stomping, getting frustrated, yanking, throwing - and I think that's strange. Don't get me wrong - I can leave it for days. And I appreciate what someone posted about "messes are patient, they wait for you."
Why does mess stress me out? What does having a two-day-clutter make me freak out? I feel like a bit of a space-cadet. Shall we call it my kryptonite? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKK! NOT A MESS! I'm melting!

Anyways. I'm done there.

The good thing is that the house is better. Than it was yesterday. Still left the dishes overnight. I want them done before church. So if I'm gonna do that, I better get moving. I put out three loads of wash yesterday and then it started POURING. (We don't have a drier) So I managed to get it in, but it's sitting in a basket in that stinking entryway and festering. I was hoping to see the sun this morning. But no deal today. Blah. Who needs clean undies anyways!?!??!

Love ya ladies.
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  1. Hey Susie,

    I wrote this whole long message to your previous blog and who but the darling Mr. Samuel shut my computer right as I was going to send it. You can imagine my frustration..argh...

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I think it is really normal to be fed up with the house stuff. I really feel like my apartment COULD NEVER possibly stay clean. So I stopped trying so hard and now I clean (and cry at least once a week, no joke)for about 10 minutes a day. It has been slightly working. Also, I wanted to tell you that don't underestimate the emotional things going on right now. I know for myself, when things are emotionally hard, my house is the first thing to go to crap and is usually the last thing I end up dealing with. When I tell you that it causes MAJOR anxiety, it seems to be a viscous ball that never stops rolling. One thing leads to another.

    Also, with the exercising. I know where you are. It took me 2 years! 2 years from when Samuel was born to take exercising seriously. Only in the past three weeks have I actually gone and been serious about it. I honestly didn't start enjoying it until about 3 days ago. So it does take time. Be patient. I am praying for you. You are definitely on my heart. Love ya!

  2. I get angry when I clean too. My husband doesn't even try to talk to me when I'm washing dishes, unless he wants to pick a fight. It's so weird. (I don't cry either.)

  3. Hey Susie, I feel your pain in the household disaster situation. My lovely husband decided to take leave this week from the Navy to clean the house. I am so mad I guess because it makes me seem like some horrible housekeeper when really, I try super hard to keep this place up to par.... and it doesnt work when all the little tornadoes I have destroy it right behind me. Not to mention all the junk my husband dumps all over the place! I am mad because I wonder what the people he works with think about me.... that I am some nasty housekeeper... yet, the house REALLY fell apart when I had strep throat a week ago.. do you think maybe he has a clue now as to how much I really do around here? I dont think so... but the mess stresses me out... I dont like sitting in a mess all day trying to think of where to start... then the constant interruptions... OH and we have had some nice weather to draw me outside my four walls!!!
    I think I might take a garbage bag and bring it all out to the trash...

  4. Did you know that you can microwave undies instead of using a dryer? I kid you not I have done this. Just a tip from one mess phobic to another. Also I too have a lot of trouble instituting the Fly Lady routines BUT one part of her system is invaluable to me. The 15 minutes. If I get totally overwhelmed I will set the timer and just go one bit at a time. Sort of like when I used to run in HS. (I do NOT run but I joined the track team. Not really sure how that happened.) I would say I JUST need to get to the next tree and I can stop. Then at the tree I could pick another marker. The 15 minutes is the same for me. "Just 15 minutes then I can stop" keeps the anxiety from paralysing me.