Thursday, April 10, 2008

Check again

Dear poster who wanted to know what a natural c-section was - please read the post again.
It says natural/c-section. The (/) being "or" or "versus".

A natural csection is not possible. That's called a stomach rupture I think.... ugh. I'm not even gonna think about that....


  1. Oh dear, the thought of that makes me feel weak!:(

  2. ugh well my friend had a no pain meds c section. OMG why did have to tell me this? The gave her an epi for labor and it never took and while they were trying a second time, the baby was in distress so they took her him, strapped her down somehow and did the section and then sedated her. I guess it couldn't have ben too bad, that was her first and she had 2. EWWWWWWWW makes me shudder.
    at least her 2nd was was a planned c.

  3. Thank you for pointing out the (/) part of the post! I was totally perplexed by the thought of it.

  4. ha ha that just made me smile!

  5. There is an obsetrician in the UK who does what he describes as a natural c-section, I hate the joining of the words together, maybe he should call it something like a baby friendly c-section, as that's what it really is, they go very slowly, try and deliver the head, then pause, which triggers some kind of contraction, giving the baby some of the lung draining assistance of a vaginal birth, they get the baby skin to skin swiftly with the cord still intact, whilst also maintaining the sterile field for the surgery and clamp the cord after about 3 minutes. There is a news article here
    It's one of those tricky things where it's great that someone is finding ways to improve things for babies and families when a c-section is necessary, but needs to be kept in balance that it's still a serious operation and a good number of the times when it's truely necessary, it may well not be possible to perform it like this.