Thursday, April 10, 2008


* Yep. Made the princess dress. Nope. Didn't have a pattern. Traced the body of a t-shirt onto newspaper so it would be big enough. Drew sleeves on newspaper to keep them exact. The rest is estimated and cut. I tend to do this with little kids clothing because patterns (in NZ) are expensive. Ohhhhh the days of 40% off at Joann's and $1 pattern deals! WAAAH!!!! But that's ok. I'm getting pretty good at it. (Not to toot my own horn) but the sleeves are puff, the waist is ruched, the lining of the skirt has tulle netting in layers (poofyness) and there's a lining to the whole thing. It's rough in some spots - but it's a play dress made out of 30 year old curtains - so I'm not too worried about it. And anyways, by Christmas she'll have grown out of it and I'll be making another.

For her birthday this year I didn't want to get carried away. We got carried away at Christmas, so let's just simmer down huh? Anyways, we were given a babydoll cradle for her, but it needed a paint job. So after painting it I painted (w/ Qtips, because my paint brushes weren't cooperating) some flowers, curly cues, and "sweet dreams" on the ends of it. So she gets a princes/princesses bday, a princess dress, and a baby cradle (so far). Matt'll probably wanna go shopping tomorrow (her bday) or Saturday. He's gone most of tomorrow, so we'll have to sort something out...

Went to a party tonight where we did a white elephant gift swap. I got teal dishtowels and some candles. Verrrry kool. And Matt got iTunes credit (Ah.... very cool!).

I should go. I have managed to do - not much - since getting home from the party. The dishes are caked in chili and the garbage needs to be collected (at the least) or put out (if I get a burst of energy...).

And... Marie I'll email you about natural/c-sections.


  1. ok, i am very impressed. i can never get the lining right and if it is a dark material, i sometimes skip it all together.

    isn't it fun to go shopping for birthdays and christmas etc. for you kids?! before having my daughter i never understood how people could spoil their kids, but now i know how easy it is to do. and it is fun too! i hope that oceana has a great birthday!!

    still praying for you all!

  2. Oh my, what on earth is a "natural" c-section? Holy moly! Pain!?

  3. What on earth is a "natural" c-section? Holy moly........pain!?!?

  4. Does JoAnn's offer shipping to you if you order online? I just got their mailer today and April 13-19 is $.99 McCall's Patterns and realy good fabric sales. Maybe you could have your sister in the US buy them for you? Or ship an online purchase to her and she could send them to you? Just a thought...I love their sales, too, and am sorry you don't have that there! (They also included two 50% off any one regular priced item coupons. Now I really wish you had one there!)

  5. I'm super impressed with the cinderella dress!! I don't even want to imagine what it would look like if I attempted that! great job!! and Oceana will have tons of fun and memories in that dress...she even looks great in orange!!

  6. OK, I'm totally officialy jealous of your sewing abilities! I was proud of myself when I sewed my son's pillow case. Yeah, like that was hard.

    I, too, call my little girl "Pumpkin Pie" and she also has very little hair. I hope she has a wonderful birthday tomorrow (well, it's tomorrow still for us).