Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 54

Joshua's cele looks good today, but there's a new spot leaking. It was originally 2 spots - one small, one large - then the small on healed. Now there's another spot (hard to see how large) open on t he end of it, so we've dressed it with the antibiotic ointment as well. He was very talkative today (not goo-goos, but sounds anyways) and very wide awake eyes today. He's fitting in newborn clothes - I know... good grief, here he is nearly 8 weeks old and just beginning to fit in them...
But they're already a bit short for him - which I only notice if I put him in sleepers. It's his legs that are long, not his body particularly. He's got unbelievable long limbs! How funny!

Oceana woke me up this morning when she was rubbing lotion (icky lotion that I don't want her to touch) into my back. I had put her in our bed around 6:15, but dozed for another hour. I'm stupid... We had to take a shower immediately afterwards coz she was covered in NASTINESS! What a fantastically fun way to wake up on Saturday morning.

Not much happening today - it's been pouring all day. We visited a friend. My mom is packing. I worked on some letters for local schools (Marine Reach letters) inviting them to our ship's send off in April and asking to do a presentation about children who don't get medical/dental care. Now I'm gonna go looking at rental properties online and then write a RAM (risk assessment and management) report for the city council for our send off. Blah. But the babies are sleeping - so get the work done while it's quiet!!!


  1. Tell your mum that I loved the "Bridge Story". What an incredible woman your mother is...I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her when I was there. When I grow up I want to be just like her.

  2. Dear Susie,
    Thank you for your posts. This last one by God's grace has made me remember something I lost of myself years ago. Thank you and I thank God because of it.
    With love and prayers,
    Another mom in CA,

  3. i have a question? will he be ever able to walk? hes so cute and your daughter too , im a mommy of 5 , I live in BC, Canada i enjoy reading your blog too Tawny