Saturday, March 29, 2008

Before I go to... couch

*Read "Before I go to bed"*

The kitchen is nearly sorted out. Just waiting for one or two more boxes and the contents of the fridge.

The beds are there. The weight bench. A desk. Two dressers. Toys. Baby clothes. Maternity clothes. All my sewing gear (More sewing than baby clothes almost. I have a problem).

The bathroom is nearly set up. The linen cupboard

Another trip to be made tomorrow. No big fiasco. No big issues. Electricity is on. Phone to be dealt with tomorrow. Perhaps a day of lapse internet while I sort out the internet change from house to house. We don't know if the house is wired for broadband or not.

Friends invited us to dinner tonight. Pulled up to find our church, friends, and family there to surprise us. Awesome food. Awesome time. (Famous Mr. Eli's family!)
Thank you Tim and Margo! It was such a blessing!

One of our girls (youth group girls) came in and handed us a drawing she'd done. I'll take a picture tomorrow (left the camera at the house because I'm a moron) and post it when I can. It's God's hands holding Joshua with this gorgeous sunrise/cloud thing going on. IT LOOKS LIKE JOSHUA! I was amazed! Abby used his funeral program as a guide and drew it exactly to match that. It's gorgeous. We already framed artwork by Micah, her older sister. Looks like we'll be framing more! I feel like we're going to be saying in 15 years - I HAVE AN ORIGINAL DONE BY HER! Haha. Don't worry girls, we won't be selling them to anyone.
Thank you so much Abby. You have no idea how blessed we are to have that. I didn't say much, because I was starting to cry. It's so special to us, you have no idea.

Ok. My couch (because we moved the beds already) is calling my name. Looooong day.


  1. Sleep well! And I'm looking forward to seeing that lovely picture. :)

  2. How wonderful you got so much done today! I only have two rules for moving... and I have moved (I kid you not) 11 times in the last 11 years, so I KNOW THESE THINGS *grin* 1) write everything that is in the box ON THE BOX and 2)Do not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE open more than one box at a time. Put the whole box away before opening the other. Trust me. Me mucho savvy. Is easier. Less mess. Heed wise sage advice, yes? (My gosh it's late... I sound like a native American Yoda)

    Well, power point for church is done, so I have no excuse for being up. Just dropping in to say goodnight :)

  3. Hi Susie,

    It sounds like you are moving right along and everything is going good. And good food and friends on the other end are always a great thing. The artwork of Joshua sounds beautiful and what a treasure for you to have done by a loving friend. I am praying your day with the second load goes as smoothly. Love you guys.

    Laurie in Ca.

  4. Hi Susie, so glad to hear about the news on the house. Thanks so much for sharing your story. God bless you all.


  5. Hmm, more sewing stuff than baby stuff... Yep, I can relate to that syndrome, though with the long wait for my daughter, I'll probably end up with more baby stuff. Too bad I can't adopt triplets.

    Glad to know the move is going well.

  6. I would love to see the drawings. I am sure they are amazing!