Friday, March 28, 2008

I married a dockworker

The summer between Matt's 1st and 2nd years of college (Uni for the Commonwealth-ers among us), he worked at a loading dock for 18 wheelers. He was a forklift operators, loading and unloading trucks.

He's exceptionally good at packing stuff into cars/vans/trailers. We have a stationwagon, a cargo van and a trailer. And they're overflowing. But safe. That's what's amazing. My dad (who I always thought was the packing KING) said, "Wow, Matt I'm really impressed!" Haha.

All thanks to P.O. Dock - you taught him well. And DAD. You probably get the credit for genetically-prone-to-good-packing-skills. Haha.

Pray for us today. We're doing one load today, another tomorrow. That's 4 hours on the road. Please pray for safety, for physical safety (Matt already smashed his finger in the weight bench - cast iron piece fell on him), and for extra energy!


  1. ummm..ouch! Matt smashed his finger? Do you ever find that the smallest things like a toothache or a hurt finger hurt far worse than the bigger things.... Hate it..haha!I hope his finger feels better. Make sure you and Oceana kisses it. That always makes it better :-)

  2. Susie and Matt,

    I'll be praying for your moving today and tomorrow that it all goes smooth and fast for you. But go slow enough so that you don't injure yourself:)
    Hoping you have plenty of energy too.
    What a gift to get this house. It will be your HOME.

    Laurie in Ca.

  3. i know what you mean! Brian's been a dockworker for the past 5 years!

    Love ya lots,


  4. Constant prayers going up for you and your family. >:0)

  5. Good luck on the move - try not to get too exhausted :-)Moving just sucks- Ive done it way too much in the last 7 years since I met my hubby so I share your chaos :-)And I love how you changed the page- that is a gorgeous picture of you all ... how old was Joshua there? such a tiny little man :-) I will pray for you for the move and for your continued strength after losing Joshua...He was sooo lucky to have you (and you him) Take care,

  6. You got it, I'll pray for a safe move for you all.

  7. Well, our party went off pretty good... except they turned the water off about a half houror so after we got there, becasue someone pooped in the main pool...eeeewwwww.... and the pool had to go through a full filter cycle before anyone was allowed back in... 4 hours! Thank God we let the kids go play straight away when we got there. I can't imagine the meltdown there would have been if they had not been allowed to play in the water at all.

    So I hope your moving is going great guns, with no hiccups or major stalls. I pray that Oceana won't mind the travel and the busy-ness of mum and dad. I pray that when you close the door for the last time on your home where Joshua was *physically* there, that there won't be as many tears as you thought, and that the dull ache would not be as dreadful as you feared, nor that your heart would break from the squeezing. And as you put up pictures in your new home, that you can smile that special smile that you have just for him... just like you have "Joshua Stuff" you have a Joshua Smile... and I'm pretty sure your loved ones know it.

    *HUG*... I hope one day to give you a real one. Cyber-hugs just seem to frustrate me *wink*