Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our moving buddy

My 16 year old brother Josiah is a fabulous help.

While other 16 year olds are obnoxious, irresponsible, and selfish.... my brother amazes me. I know I'm not describing all 16 year olds, but the vast majority seem consumed with themselves. But my brother works his butt off for both my dad and Matt. He was so much help yesterday, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and taking care of Oceana too.

I'm a lucky big sister Josiah...

And because I love this kid so much I scared the heebie-jeebies out of him this morning. I went past his window (Of course he's still asleep at 8am!) and noticed it was cracked open. So I opened it all the way, threw back the curtains and screeched. Hehehe. I'm a meany.

He told me later he was dreaming that he'd crashed a motorcycle when I started screeching. AHHAHAHA! Glad I could make you freak out. Goooooooood mooooooooorning Sunshine!
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  1. What a great brother and hey if I had a little brother and the opportunity arose......I would sooo soooooooooo do the same thing. Now off to clean up my chocolate covered daughter......just another of those things you should never do......Never ever give your 20 month old 2 chocolate kisses unless she is strapped into her highchair........and has a bib own...LOL

  2. Glad that moving is going well! Isn't it fun to play tricks on little brothers...hahaha :) Praying that you will all be settled comfortably soon!

  3. hee hee....siblingness:) Sibling love, sibling love:)

  4. This made me REALLY laugh. Gotta love siblings. Glad he is such a good brother. Sounds like a rather mature 16 year old to me!

  5. You made ma laugh Susie. You are such a big sister hehe.

  6. Wow Susie, the blue eyes run in your family strong like they run in mine. He sounds like a "keeper" and I am so glad you have had good help in moving. Enjoy your new home.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  7. oh buddy boy... susie - you're so mean! you didnt involve me! HA! i've jumped on siah's head a few times... returning the favor for all his years of waking up before us. he so deserved it! love you both.

  8. That is funny! You ARE a meanie!
    BTW, I love your photography, you are getting better, I can see it in your pictures!