Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob Daniel Close

My best friend - Melody - and I met when we were 6 and 7. We were in a Vacation Bible School program together, and Melody came late the first morning. All the books had already been given out, when she arrived. I offered to share my book with Melody and we've been "inseparable" ever since. I put " " with the inseparable because we have rarely lived near each other. When we met I lived in Lima, NY and she lived in Webster, NY (an hour's drive probably). Then I moved to Virginia. Then I moved to Vermont. Then I moved to New Zealand. Then New Hampshire. By the time I moved back to Lima, I had a license, so it wasn't so far away. Melody lived with us for about 6 months when she was 15. Life's been crazy. We've both been through a lot. We've both experienced loss and childbirth and health problems (more her than me - sorry Mel!).
And a year ago today she had her precious son Jacob Daniel. I've only been able to see Jacob once - as seen in the picture below. Jacob is a chunker! And we wouldn't have him any other way! In these pictures he's 4 months and Oceana's 14. They weighed 20lbs. and 22lbs. How ridiculous is that!?!?!
I'm useless at sending cards on time. So instead, here's a Happy Birthday from us to you Jacob.
XO xo XO
Love from Aunt Susie, Uncle Matt, Oceana, and Joshua
We wish we could be at that major-shakedown birthday next week Buddy. We all know full well your Momma's gonna go nuts for your birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jacob. Wow, are you one year old already? We are glad we got to meet you last year!

  2. Hi Susie. I know it must be strange, some total stranger doing this, but I have some contacts for you. I know You're probably already well connected, but I was talking to my pastor today, who's from Tamaranui, suggested you look up Dave and Mel Z (I can't pronounce their last name!) in Tauranga. They attend Abundant Life Community Church (36 Sutherland rd, Judea... 07 5768259) and truly, they are the most wonderful people. Also, he suggested getting in contact (if you don't know him already) James Muir, the director of Asian Outreach. My pastor says that if you wannt to know what's going on in the christian scene on Tauranga, he knows everything. :)
    *shrug* Thought it might help you get settled in, anyways.

  3. Can I just say the number on your page counter is amazing to me consdering you just put it up a day or two ago

  4. Stefanie Harriff again, I need to figure out a blogger account I guess and I read your blog daily and usually have a comment and "anonymous" just sounds funny. :)

    Anyways, I know, or rather knew Jacob's mom, probably about the same time as you! I don't know if she'd remember me, but we were in Pioneer Girls at Browncroft for most of grade school together. I saw the picture and was like, "I know her!" I doubt I've seen her for ten years, but that was just really random!