Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday With a Twist

I decided to join in on this blogfest!

The rules from AmericanMum are
"The first Wordless Wednesday With a Twist theme is children. They can be your own, or anyone else, but of course get their parents' permission first. The idea is to take a series of pictures that tell a story. Be creative! The posting date will be Wednesday, February 27, so you've got about a bit over a week to take your pictures."

They're not supposed to be archive photos - but my camera has curled up and died. So sorry for the one-week-old-pictures. :)

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  1. Hi Sams Family,

    I'm trying to leave a comment, but I'm experimenting before I take a half hour to type this.


  2. Here's the Bridge story.

    A couple weeks ago, I took my early morning cup of tea, and went up to the aft deck to watch the early morning colors of the sunrise, and the rowing skulls sillouetted out on the water in Tauranga Bay.

    As I watched, I saw a pilot with a big yellow flashing light drive around the corner and up to the far entrance to the Harbor Bridge followed by a "Wide Load" truck.

    And further back, another pilot vehicle with a big yellow flashing light was starting to approach the bridge, but it's following "wide load" was hanging back. (The road curves around to the left at almost 90 degrees so you get quite a panaramic view of the road leading up to the bridge and nearly the whole bridge as well.)

    The pilot vehicle with no following load kept coming, seemingly unaware that he's lost his following "wide load". He came onto the bridge and traveled all the way across and out of sight, and still the wide load hung back.......What's going on here?

    After the pilot vehicle had disappeared on "this side" of the bridge a few minutes, I realized there was no traffic entering the bridge from our side, and no vehicles approaching from the far side either (except a couple renegade cars that apparently were too impatient to wait, but sped past all the obediently waiting cars.)

    There was NO traffic at all on the Harbor Bridge......none......that never happens. I realized that all the traffic had been stopped by the "runaway pilot vehicle" who really hadn't driven off without his following load, and really did know what he was doing.

    Slowly, slowly, the wide load truck from the far side slowly approached the entrance to the bridge, preceded by a second pilot vehicle. The driver just about completely stopped when he tried to enter the bridge, and slowly slowly made his way across the bridge.

    The wide load????? - I was expecting some huge construction piping, or heavy steel girders, or heavy piece of machinery. It was only a framework of pipes that looked like a semi-dismantled farm shed - but it was wide, WIDE., and the truck driver drove oh so carefully across the bridge, and finally disappeared from sight. After a few minutes, the traffic slowly resumed from both ends of the bridge, the load had moved on, and life thatwas probably horribly interrupted for the early morning commuters anxious to get to work on time was now able to go back to "normal."

    Everyone's day was held up for 10 or more minutes (including mine being that I was just mezmerized, and had to see the outcome). And then just as quickly everything began to flow normally again -the wide load continuing through town. Some would probably question the value of this framework of pipes, that looked like a dis-mantled shed --why go to all the bother of moving it? But somewhere there was someone who knew the real value of this load, and counted the cost, and knew it would be worth it all.

    So with Joshua, it's a bit of a picture of sharing Joshua's days. In some ways, life defintely has had to prefer to Joshua, letting his need of the "entire bridge" take the priority. And while he may look like just a bare framework of pipes that some might question the value, Well God is not questioning his value - He knows. And Joshua's life is so worth stopping all the traffic on the bridge so he can come through our lives. And he is unforgettable!

    We love you all sooooooooomuch Matt, Susie, Oceana, Joshua---we're so honored to be part of your lives, and have Joshua as our grandson.

    Nana, Baboo, Siah

  3. there is nothing better than a sleeping child!!!

  4. What a beautiful set of photos of Oceana. Sleeping children pictures are among my favorite type of photos.
    I love her kicked back - chillin' position. So funny :)


  5. How adorable! I especially love that last picture! Sorry about Mr Linky, it's up now!

  6. your little girl is so adorable when she sleeps! Ah! it just gets me! Love you!

  7. What a great set of pictures. I just love kids that can sleep anywhere :)

    I'm really jealous of her tan too!

  8. She's just beautiful - there's something so sweet about a sleeping baby - even when that baby is a 2 yr old!

  9. Oh my goodness! Those are some of the cutest pics I have seen (of other people's kids mind you lol!)

    She is a doll, I really love that last one, too cute :)


  10. that's classic, great picture to show her when she's older! I came over from Rachel's site via the contest. And thank you very much your blog kept me up way past my bedtime! =) I have to say at first I was surprised they let you take Joshua home, and then I am reminded how annoying and stupid at times US medical community is. Strong Hosp probably woudln't have let that baby go. But you are enjoying him so much and that is worth more than sterile hospitals and constant monitors. Blessings to you and your family!

  11. i seriously wish i could sleep like that! totally adorable :)

  12. Love this series. Peace and quiet.