Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fujifilm F470

Alright blog-world. I need your help. I'm quickly realizing how many people are reading this blog - as can be seen by the visits-tracker that I put in THIS MORNING. Wow - I'm impressed. Anyways, I figure that with all the blog-pictures there are, there's gotta be a reader who knows camera.
We have a 2 year old Fujifilm F470 running with a 1gb xd-card. 6 megapixels.

About 2 months ago it showed up with some blue marks where the lcd screen was starting to give out - like the screen was dying. It didn't affect the pictures, only the screen. Then on Friday I was taking pictures and after a dozen photos they started showing up streaked. See the post below with pictures of Oceana and Joshua sleeping and of our living room. All the pictures are like that. Any ideas what's going on? If the camera's on its way to death, I need to know since we'll be wanting to buy a camera ASAP! Of all the time in our lives that the camera takes a dive, right? So, if ya have any advice, please give it. I've tried charging the battery again. I've tried formatting the card. It seems to be a problem with the camera.


  1. I am a Canon believer. I have had two canons in the last 5 years, an SLR and an Elph. They are user friendly and take excellent pics.

    The only suggestion I could offer as to why you are getting the blue streaks is something wrong with the shutter/digital face on the camera. You're probably right that it's going to go pretty soon... and i don't know what prices are like in NZ but 2 years ago i paid $400 for my Elph, my mom just bought the same camera only updated and much nicer a month ago and paid $200! So you should be able to get a really decent camera for your money... hope that helps a little :)

  2. Eeek! I don't know what's happening and I'm sorry I can't help!

    If you end up needing a new camera so you can shoot more photos of adorable Oceana and gorgeous Joshua (I've been folling your blog for some time now...I think today is the first time I've commented! Shame on me...), then I highly reccommend a Canon Rebel xTi (or a Canon 40D, if you can afford it and want a really, really awesome camera). The xTi is what I started with and I still use that one a lot.

    Good luck and keep blogging....fun to see how MANY of us are checking in, huh?

    Blessings from Minnesota,

    Jennifer McKinney

  3. I'm not a camera expert by anymeans, but could the lines be from something with the lens? Maybe it needs to be cleaned? As far as the screen, I have no clue...it does sound like it's going to go, but again, I don't know diddly about cameras really except for what I know about mine (Kodak Easy Share 6.1 megapixel.) Yay!!!! For 7.4 lbs!! =) God is Good!! That is amazing how many have visited in a such a short amount of time!! You wouldn't really know it by how many comments are on here! Well, I've gotta go bake some muffins! Have a good day! =)

  4. do you have another card? You could try that, but it really sounds like the camera is saying it's farewell :) Have you called the manufacturer? Even if the warranty is up they may have some troubleshooting. Good luck!

  5. I hate to tell you this, but my inlaws had that same camera and that's exactly what it did right before it died. I would keep your eyes open for a good price on a new one. I prefer Cannon to Fujifilm, seems like they last longer. We've had ours for 3 years now and it's still going strong. Good luck. What a time for this to happen.

  6. Yikes......
    I don't have a clue what's going on with that camera, but it sounds bad.....

  7. HI. Not sure what is wrong with your camera, but a replacement is easy as I have recently done the research.
    If you want an awesome point and shoot, small with good quality electronics Canon Elph SD1000. You can get them for $169 on the internet.
    For prosumer SLR the Canon Rebel XTi, not XT as you want the image stablization. This is an awesome camera, especially for all of your cool travel. About $600.

  8. Best camera of all the cameras I know and I tried them all almost ( I worked at Best buy: The Sony DSC N2 By far the best of the best ;)