Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 29

I tried to upload a video of Oceana and Joshua last night. But after several hours of letting it upload I refreshed the page and lost it. I give up. If I ever figure out an easier way to upload I will. The video was of them having hiccups together! Joshua had them, so I picked him up. I was sitting at the computer holding him when I realized Oceana's talking to me and missing out words. Suddenly it registered that she had hiccups too. I started yelling for my brother to "Get in here! Get the camera!" I'm sure he thought I was nuts. It was so funny!

One person already commented on the fact that we're giving Joshua antibiotics. I know we said that we'd probably not use antibiotics. The doctors that saw him before he was born and the pediatrian that saw him when he was born all said that antibiotics would prolong the inevitable and that they wouldn't prescribe them. However, our GP and the health nurse who sees Joshua feel differently about it. When I took Joshua in last week and she started asking if she should swab the scab for infection. I burst into tears! I think I felt that if I knew it was infection, it would seem all the more real. And I "knew" they wouldn't give him antibiotics. So knowing that there was infection would only drive home that point. And instead Dr Bowman and Heather the nurse stood there and kept asking if we'd been able to make any decisions for Joshua. I continued crying, and couldn't barely talk, because the truthful answer was "No." We've been having to go with what we're told, because we really don't know what to expect, and we're not medically trained. So our assumptions have been very wrong sometimes. We've just accepted what we've been told, and gone along with it. (Some of this is due to New Zealand's socialized medicine - I can't just "get another opinion" as easily as in the US).
So Dr B and Heather strongly encouraged me to let them swab it and check for infection. They said - it's paliative care - we want to make him comfortable. And as they put it - infection's not comfortable. So he's on antibiotics - which probably are prolonging the "inevitable". But Joshua's doing great. I'm so glad we're able to choose some things for Joshua - and that he's not at the mercy of 'some doctor'.
In other news.
Matt got a gift from his dad yesterday - which he was totally surprised by - and very excited about too. And Oceana found a pen. Yeah.... "found a pen". Yesterday morning my brother gave her a tiny tattoo on her arm that said "I *heart* Mom and Dad"...which was cute at the time. Until she got the idea that pen and skin were fun. So last night, before bed (when she was only daiper-clad) she managed to redecorate her epidermis... just a bit... ok... just a lot. All four limbs and her tummy. Wow.... Oh well. I took pictures.
Immigration medical exams and such are finished. Oh good. No more chest xrays, no more peeing in cups, no more blood sucking phlebotomists, no more standing on scales, and no more filling out paperwork. Ok, nix the last one - we still have to fill out the actual applications for visas. Blah. Don't I sound excited. I should be - I should be knock-down-drag-out-passionate about it, because our visas expire in a month and 4 days. AK!
*Pray for Joshua's staph infection
*Pray for Joshua's leakage - it's going through all the bandages in one day (it's only changed every 2 days) even with extra gauze inside. I had to put more gauze in again yesterday.
*Pray for Oceana - her sleep schedule got messed up the other day, so she's a bit worn out today (we've had to tantrums by quarter to 10)
*Pray for our visas - we're trying to get the last bits for the application today. I just want it in the mail and out of my hair!


  1. Hoping all the leakage is just the infection working it's way out. The antibiotics just seem like a compassionate thing to do for your sweet boy. It just sounds so cold to think of it as prolonging the inevitable for none of us knows how long we have, yk? Through your words and pictures I see how much he is loved and how much he enjoys his little world. Just nursing alone must bring him such comfort and peace. I think that's also why I had mentioned earlier about prophylactic antibiotics. **hugs** Sounds like Joshua is in very good hands with his medical support.

  2. If you want to check this out, you may be able to upload your video of the kids to It's free (unless you really want the fancy stuff!) and then you could just post the link. Then all of your blog "lurkers" can see it! :o) Just a thought - their site is really easy to use. You can also upload the video at, which is also free. I hope this helps you out! They are both great sites!

    Praying for all of your requests! Your kiddos sure are cute!

  3. being a nurse whenever I read medical updates I always wonder about things but never ask, so this time I'm going to is Joshuas Staph just the normal Staph Aureus or is it MRSA (the resistant strain of staph)? I have been preying for you that all is well!

  4. I've been keeping up with Joshua for several months now...before he was even born...and I am amazed at what God has done. Who knows how many lives have been affected for the glory of God through his little life?! As for treating his infection, I think it's great that you have some control over certain things when so much of his life is out of your control. Keep following those mommy instincts and God will do the rest! {{hugs}}

  5. I will be praying for the leakage, Susie. I agree with Heather about the obvious love you have for little Joshua. :-) He's such a sweetie.


  6. It is incredible to see guys "grow up" and mature in the things of the Lord through this season of your lives!

    Although I don't know you Susie as well as I know Matt; I have to agree with Mom Sams' comment the other day that you are good for him! We walked through some of those rough spots with Matt and it is so incredible to see now how God has brought you two together "for such a time as this!" I am excited to watch what God will do in your future together! Keep your eyes on the Lord for He is faithful!!!

    Love & Prayers, PAM

  7. I continue to pray for Joshua and I hope his cele stops leaking. I am so happy they gave him antibiotics. I was happy to hear that!

    I have a question. How many children do you guys want?

  8. would love to see the picts of oceana's tattoos - sounds like something all three of my kids would do...what am i saying? ...something all three of my kids HAVE done!

    my prayers are still with you and your family. hugs and lots of love to you from texas.

    (amy - babyfit nov05)