Monday, February 4, 2008

4 weeks - 28 days

Here's what Joshua looks like today - on his 4th birthday. He's doing pretty good.
He does not like medicine though. Joshua rarely cries. In fact it's probably been ten days since I last heard him cry. When I tried to give him his medicine tonight he really like it. So I gave it to him a little quicker - too quick in fact! He choked a bit and let out a big cry. His cries startle me SO badly. I freaked. But I think it just pushed the syringe to fast.
The reason for the medicine (Flucloxacillin Erythromyacin) is that he's got an infection. The scab/open wound that was weeping was infected. It had a "heavy growth of Staphylococcus aureus". I'm sure you're not interested in what it was. But I'm always interested in that "actual" scenario - beyond Joshua's-on-antibiotics-because-it's-infected. That probably explains why when people ask me the situation with Joshua I end up explaining what a neural tube defect is, how it happens, and what can happen when there's an encephalocele. I guess I have an aversion to saying "He's got a birth defect".
Joshua, Oceana, and I went to a friend's house today, because Matt and Josiah were watching the Superbowl. They had to go to another friend's - so I went to my friend's and hung out. As I put it to Matt, "I don't want to be left home alone and outnumbered!". It made me realize that if Joshua stays with us and Matt gets a job - I will be home alone and outnumbered. Uhoh.
You can see all Joshua's acne - poor boy. His naked picture makes him look more filled out than he seems to be. He's still skinny. Wayyyyy skinny. But I think he's gaining still.

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  1. I pray for your little angel.
    That Eritrom. and our wishes will be stronger against no matter what kind of infection.

    And acnes, they are normal in that age.

    Two kisses for two babies.

  2. Awwww that gorgeous little nose and mouth, he's beautiful!

  3. Happy 4 week birthday, Joshua! We love you and wish we could be there with you. Very glad to hear that you can get out a little bit to visit friends. Hope you're feeling all right and that Joshua's infection will go away!