Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 27

all is well. joshua's nurse came and redressed his 'cele. its looking less goopy but still leaking lots. he's in my arms so i'm typing one-handed. capitals are unnecessary....
we're getting ready for church.

had a yay! moment this morning when i *ever-so bravely* opened the box of pre-pregnancy clothes. after trying two pairs of pants i gave up... but did find a lot of shirts that fit. i was getting sick of the same 3 shirts over and over again. yay!

oceana peed on the carpet this morning. my fault for letting her run naked too long.

joshua's sporting some new gear from a friend. so kool to have him in stuff that fits.

will write again later.



    another family needing prayers

  2. Glad Joshua's cele is looking better.

    Hey Jericho peed on the floor yesterday too. I went to change her and she peed in the new diaper, all over herself, and all over the changing table so I decided to give her a bath. I was getting ready to carry her to the bathroom and apparently she wasn't done going and so it also got all over the floor.

  3. I love the orange and blue overalls, but I'm partial since those are my favorite colors...the orange is bright though! =) Glad Joshua is doing better, and your family and Jacob are in my prayers. =)