Sunday, February 3, 2008

Later in the day...

A few pictures from this afternoon.

This is the lace curtain my mum found for Joshua. I can see him through it (I'd been using a bed sheet...) and it keeps the "yuckee fyz" off. (Oceana's words). Joshua's nurse came and cleaned his cele. It's looking better, but it's still open, weeping, and raw. Pray for the best case scenario here please.
Yes, that's a cloth diaper - for those with keen eyes. We only do cloth diapers if we run out of disposables. A friend offered (a year ago) to buy Oceana diapers so I didn't have to do the cloth thing. I really appreciate it, but occassionally there's space between packs. So every once in a while we get to go back and visit the cloth-camp. It's not bad, but it's a lot more work than disposables. I don't mind it. I did it for Oceana from 2 months - 9 months. We would have done them from birth, but a lot of people gave us disposables when she was born.
I think we only bought her one pack before she was 8 weeks old. :)
I'm old school too - if you've got realllly keen eyes - you'll see that. Those are prefolds with plastic head pins and plastic pants. :)
Joshua was looking rather adorable today. :) I love this onesie - it was my favorite with Oceana too. It's white with aqua, yellow, melon, and lime stars. :) Favorite colors. He's covered in spots too - baby acne x10 - that's the darker spots around his nose and eyes. Probably a good reason to turn this black and white.

We made it to church. Now our whole youth group has seen Joshua. One of our girls had to work every time we've seen her family. It was so nice to let her see him. Everybody's favorite thing to say about him is, "Oh! He's so tiny!". Today during church he was curled up on my chest with his knees pulled up to his chest - he just turns into this little blue lump. So cute....
We were going to make pizza for dinner. But there's no more spaghetti sauce. So it's 6:20 and we're sitting around not making anything. I have a funny feeling Matt's going to come up the stairs soon and ask when dinner is ... I'm probably going to look at him like a deer in headlights.
"??? Questions ??? 6" to follow next.
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  1. christina taylor & famFebruary 3, 2008 at 6:40 PM

    when i took a closer look at the photo w/ the cloth diaper i saw the pillow, lol, we left a LOT of things everywhere b4 we moved back, that pillow was part of a wedding pressie from Roachael.. hahaha, i'm glad its being used. :) If you think of us today pray for me and miles, we must have caught a horrible bug, i was up every hr last night puking.... ugggg, so was little miles.... yuckies. Have a wonderful day in the sunshine!

  2. Hola Susie! Soy de Colombia (Suramerica). Perdona que te escriba en español pero no hablo inglés. Hace aproximadamente 6 días encontré tu blog en internet y desde ahi pienso todos los dias en Joshua. Me ha impactado mucho la forma como usted y su esposo asumen todo esto a pesar de que son muy jóvenes. Se nota que tienen mucha fe en el creador. Yo tambien soy cristiana y en mi iglesia he compartido su historia y la de Joshua, estamos orando para que se haga la voluntad del Señor. Pienso mucho en ustedes y les deseo lo mejor. Joshua es un bebe precioso!!. Me encantaría conocerles algún día. Un abrazo.

  3. Just something to try if you want to, when my DD had bad baby acne I would express some breast milk and rub it into the areas with acne. Breastmilk has so many healing qualities - honestly!