Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 22

Tristan's "promotion" (as my mom put it) is a stark reminder of the situation we're in with Joshua. I wish and hope and pray for a different outcome, but I know Trayc and Yvette, Tristan's parents, did the same. The glorious thing is - we (Trayc, Yvette, Matt, and I) have been blessed. Truly we have. I want you to know that Matt and I are so blessed, so happy, so excited to have Joshua. Yes, it's sad. Yes, we're disappointed about a lifetime of memories we'll never see. But we are blessed to have the time we do. I know, having read through Yvette's story that she feels privileged to be Tristan's Mommy. And I do as well.
I'm privileged to be Joshua's Mummy.

That said (now that many of you are in tears), Joshua's birthday went off great! Of course I forgot about making a cake until after dinner - but YAY for the quicky-cake-recipe! Box cake is expensive here, so I have two trusty-dusty cake recipes that go together in less than 10 minutes. Deep Dark Chocolate was the poison of the week. That's icing sugar on top - not mold - by the way.

Oceana and Daddy blew out his candles for him.
He was laxing out!

This is what laxing looks like to Joshua. He keeps falling asleep like this.

And I caught this yesterday while they were "watching tv together".
"Like Father, Like Son"

Joshua's cele is leaking again. Please pray this stops. It's not leaking like the first week, but it's the most we've seen since then. Probably quarter-sized spots in the morning, or a bit smaller. Other than that, he's doing great. :)
We're going to do our medical exams for our immigration paperwork this afternoon. We'll have our blood tests tomorrow morning (because the lab tech's off this afternoon). Then we have to schedule chest x-rays (to check for tuberculosis) for later in the week. OH MY GOSH. I hate this process. We just did this 11 months ago. Blah. It's a long, involved, annoying, expensive process. That's what happens when you live in a socialized-medicine country, but don't qualify for it. Blood tests alone turn into hundreds of dollars.
Matt likes to joke that it seems ridiculous to wait until we've been in the country over a year to check for syphilis, tuberculosis, and cardiovascular issues. But that's the New Zealand way. So, whatever...
I'm convinced those lab techs should be called vampires... I'm really getting over my needle phobia quickly. Between being pregnant twice and doing immigration twice in the last two years - I feel like a pincushion! When you get pregnant they want blood, when you're 6 months pregnant they want blood, when you're nine months they want blood, when you're induced they have to do a hep-lock (iv sight...OW!) and when you pull out your hep lock during contractions you have to get another (with Joshua I had two failed hep-locks and two good ones. One pulled out before I started pushing), and then when you're low on iron they want blood. Ok. Am I grossing you out yet? I was always the girl who pulled the "I don't fit the weight requirements" buzz when the blood drive came knocking (which I didn't for a few years) but now it doesn't seem like such a bad thing. :)
Enough ranting and raving for me. It's a busy day, I gotta get moving! I probably should get a shower before I see the doctor. Wow, any other new mommies not getting routine showers????
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  1. Glad to hear Joshua continues to do well. I think we all wish and pray that he would continue doing so well and nothing bad would ever happen. I think we all wish there was something that could be done. However, that is not the case and it is sad. You guys are handling it so well though (from my perspective). I don't know if I would have your strength. you guys have to pay for all those tests they do to you?? I hope not!

  2. I'm on the "mommies not getting routine showers" wagon! I'll pray Joshua's 'cele stops leaking.

  3. Wow 3 weeks old who'd thought! Praise the Lord!

    I love the picture of Joshua and Matt. Gideon used to sleep just like me and he his hair used to stand up in the exact same spot that Seth's does every morning (Jericho' hair has done it a few times too) Isn't it nice to know that they is no denying who our children belong to!

    Sorry about all the needle pokes I feel ya I had to give a gizzilion ounces of blood during my 3 pregnancies too. Not fun. Hope everything goes well.


    p.s. It's 10:57pm here and I just got my 1st shower of the day. Ugh!

  4. Oh my! They both look so comfortable. Yes, they both are truly "God's Gift". There were a million "Matthew's" too when he was born, but he was named purely for the meaning. He was my gift from God. And now that gift has been awesome! What a precious gift this family is that God has created. We love you all. Gramma, Becca, Tana :)

  5. Showers?? That is a foreign word right now. I have no idea what you are talking about... Sounds lovely though. :)

  6. Routine Showers?!? What are they? LOL I can't remember what it was like to get regular showers.

    I love the picture of Matt and Josh sleeping. That's so funny. I actually have a pic of matt sleeping on a couch in the youth room that reminded me of another pic you have of Josh.

    Mercy would fit into your middle name thing for your girls too *wink* I have a neice named Kaitlyn Mercedes, but my sis and BIL call her Mercy for short.

    I'll e-mail you with that pic of Matt too. Love ya!