Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 13

Joshua slept well last night. Ate well in the night too... after Mommy extracted herself from her bed... it's hard to do at 3:30am! This morning he has a strange red mark on his cheek. The only thing I can think to blame it on is the mosquito I heard at 5am. It doesn't look like a mosquito bite, but baby skin does strange things sometimes. He doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it.
His cele leaked a bit more fluid yesterday and last night. I'm not thrilled about this - but at least its less than he leaked the first week. He's still stuffed up - poor baby - but only need "the syringe" about twice a day.
Yesterday was a lay-low day (unlike the rest... how?). Matt went to Tauranga to do a bit of shopping and bought a new bag of diapers. I got excited about it... Why? Because each time we buy something or do something that requires time, I worry that we won't "finish", "complete", "get to see finalized". The umbilical stump: I was concerned I'd never see it fall off. The diapers: I was concerned we'd never buy another bag of diapers, that the first would be the only one. But we're on to a 2nd bag of diapers. :) I'm gonna get excited about little things like that - because I can!
We can't decide if we want to take him to church this morning. It's a bit more of an "uncontrolled" environment. And while the drive to church is literally just minutes, it still means getting him in his carseat - which is a major source of paranoia for me since it's pretty complicated. We've said, no, yes, and no again. I'm still wondering if yes is coming... church started 15 min ago. We'll see.
Please pray with us:
*For the cele to STOP leaking and the scabs to HEAL.
*For Joshua's cold to subside, not get any worse, and definitely not turn into a chest or sinus infection. We can't risk any infection, since the doctors don't plan to give him antibiotics if he gets sick.
*For Oceana - she's been through a lot of changes, and she's really been quite belligerent as of late. We want to be consistent with her, but it's hard when there's so much that is unsettled in our lives.
*For our family as a whole, for strength, stability, courage, and peace.
*For the best choices for Joshua and our family.


  1. Can you believe Joshua is going to be a week old tomorrow! Praise the Lord! Praying you guys find your groove in all the crazyness.


  2. Hmm, when my baby was 10 or so days old, he had the same problem, and I thought it was a cold. But doctor sad that was only adaptation to environment and it is normal, if he has normal body temperature and if last no more than 10 days. Maybe it is same case with Joshua.

    I dont know what syringe is, maybe it is the same thing that I used. I use some solution called Bebisol(french product). It is the best soled product of that kind in Europe (as I heard).

    About going to church. Here it is believed that is not safe to take baby out for first 40 days. It has something to do with religion (you will know better why) and with medicine.

    And about death. We are all going to die, maybe tomorrow, maybe in old age.
    But you are alive, and your baby is, so you can only enjoy every moment given from God!

    I would like that I could help somehow. But only I have to offer is PRAYERS, so sorry for being maybe boring with comments. :)

  3. hey goose - chin up... I'm stoked for you about the 2nd bag of diapers! I'd be getting a tub of ice cream to celebrate if i was there. Missin you and the munchkins... stay strong. love you

  4. I will continue to pray with you.

    Are you planning a second birthday for tomorrow?

    Oce's a good kid...she'll come around.

    Love you all!


  5. Prayers headed your way. Congrats on the 2nd bag of diapers!!!

    You guys are just amazing. I don't know you at all (I'm a lurker from the BabyFit NICU moms), yet I'm so proud of you. Your life is inspiring me every day and I'm apreciating the time I spend with my baby more because of you.


  6. Hi Matt & Susie,

    What a beautiful wee boy! I am a friend of Cates and yesterday when she was at my house she showed me Brents pictures of Joshua.

    Cate has been sharing with me about you guys and i have just checked out your blog, and can i say you guys are inspirational!

    As a parent I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to be in your situation, to know this beautiful child is on borrowed time.

    I just wanted to encourage you guys and let you know that there are people at the ends of the earth who you have never met praying for you and your family.

    Joshua is a truly precious gift and it touches my heart how even in this time of joy and heartache you are still giving glory to God and praising Him, not assigning blme or looking for pity. We can learn alot from your family.

    Keeping treasuring the moments you have - how wonderful that you are able to realise the beauty and gift each second is and appreciate them fully. Too often we see the small things as insignificant or just that, small, and miss what they truly are - treasured gems from God.

    Bless you guys and you family,
    Thank you for sharing your lives, your heart and your family with us on the net - inspirational for us all.

    Shannon Thomson

  7. I just read through your posts starting with Joshua's birth. Your words are truly inspiring. Your little fighter is such an amazing miracle. I will be praying for you and your family.

    God Bless,
    (lovingmommyto4 from babyfit)

  8. Wow, apparently I am not very blog savvy. I just now saw that you have to approve my message before it can be published. I thought my first post hadn't gone through for some reason. Sorry for the repeat messages!!!


  9. I don't know you - just saw your story on babyfit and wanted to encourage you. God is able to do beyond what our wildest dreams and expectations are! How amazing that your beautiful little boy has made it this far! I wonder how many lives are truly being touched as a result of your family's faithfulness through this time? I will be praying for all of you. God bless.

  10. Happy two week birthday to Joshua!!! Love you all, please give him and Oceana kisses from their Aunt Heather!

  11. Hi. I'm not sure if this is any comfort to you, it's about scabs. Hopefully I don't gross you out. When our son was born he had a large, ulcerated birthmark on his head that eventually scabbed over. The scabs took several months to go away, but the doctor told us that the scab was a good thing, because it gave protection to the ulceration while it was healing. Maybe this will help to think of scabs in a better light? (Again, sorry if this grosses you out.)
    Praying for you.