Friday, January 18, 2008

On time zones...

It is 5:53pm Saturday evening here.

EST right this minute is 11:53pm on Friday night. So add 18 hrs to your time.

CST right this minute is 10:53pm, Friday. Add 19.

MST is 9:53pm, Friday, Add 20.

PST is 8:53pm, Friday, Add 21

Greenwich Mean Time (London time) is 4:53am, Saturday. Add 13.

Brussels, Amsterdam, etc is 5:53am, Saturday, Add 12.

This changes when Daylight Savings Time starts. Ask me again then.

Thank you Debbie S for your words of encouragement. :)


  1. Thanks Susie!!! That is so much less confusing :) I went to college for a few years in the midwest (US) and had family in the east...yah...I still called "home" at weird times, because I was used to being an hour behind...hee hee...time zones are, but thanks again! It helps to understand time zones :)

  2. Hey Susie - Umm.. i think you got the time a little backwards. EST is right, but CST would be add 17, MST is add 16, and PST is 15. The actual times are correct, but the way to get there isn't so much. I think so anyways... because wouldn't it get less the closer you get?

    Anyways... I Love you and your little Sams Family. Talk to you soon!