Monday, January 21, 2008

2 Weeks Old

Happy Birthday Joshua!!!
2 weeks : 14 days : 336 hours : 20,160 minutes

We've made it thru Week 2, and to the beginning of Week 3. He's still doing really well. Today he ate and ate and ate (or so it seemed). His appetite is certainly higher than it was last week. I'm encouraged by that. I didn't see any leaks this morning, although I didn't change his cloth. There weren't any leaks last night when we checked it. Checking for leaks is sort of like picking a scab - it's addicting, but it's not really good for it. So we really try not to check it if we can. Any extra "fiddling" with his cele puts it in danger.

This little guy went through 5 dirty diapers yesterday (and by dirty, I do not mean wet) - which was probably more than he'd done in the previous 7 days. What's up with newborns doing that? Hahaha. Again, I'm encouraged. I don't mind changing endless diapers.

This morning I woke up at 5:50am. I snoozed for a few more minutes, but when I looked up I was greeted by a blank screen. That's right, the power was out. Keep in mind it's summer, so it's not the hair-raising scenario most of you Northern-Hemisphere-readers would expect. But it's still annoying. Our power rarely goes out, and when it does it's never for long. So I didn't worry about it. Until about 9am... when I'd started to get a caffeine-withdraw headache (shut up, I don't want ANYONE to tell me I need to stop drinking it!)... and I hadn't had any breakfast (because I hate cereal and prefer toast)... and I'd not check my email (perhaps adding to the headache). It's a rainy, gray, dreary day today - so having no extra lights on was irritating. Again... power's rarely off for long, so I sent Josiah and Matt off to a friend to watch the Conference Championships at a friend's house. (My apologies to Tarah, Seth, and Jericho - we were hoping Green Bay'd make it too!).

When the guys got home 4 hours late, the power was STILL off! And it was still off after I'd had a long nap on the couch with Joshua! And it was still off when dinner time came around. Thank goodness, FINALLY at 6:15pm (over 12 hours later!) the power came back on. It was just in time to make a normal dinner. We were starting to dream up weird dinner possibilities... because we have an electric stove.

So while I'm updating you, my dear husband is finishing up dinner. ;) You did a good job Mom S., he can cook! I am so glad the power's back on. It's been SUCH a long day. I'm still in my pajamas, I'm just drinking my first coffee of the day, I've only eaten coleslaw and carrot cake today (everything else needed cooking or nuking), and I've been tired all day....

But you know what? Joshua's still with us. I don't care how bad my days are - one look over at this sleeping bundle - and I'd live like a pioneer with electricity for ever and ever. He is so precious. He's such a miracle. He's mine. Ok - right... every Mom thinks their baby is the gorgeous-est ever. But he's gorgeous. I know you all agree - you've told me as much. But I could kiss baby fingers and face alllllll day long.

2 weeks. 2 packs of diapers. A healed belly button. A visit from friends (who went on vacation before they could see Joshua. I thought they'd never meet him). Blue eyes that look right at me (Dr.'s said he'd most likely be blind). 6lbs, 8oz (a normal size). No other problems (no jaundice, no feeding problems, no colic, no allergic reactions). No sibling rivalry. No apnea issues. No breathing problems. No heart conditions. No syndromes.

My little boy is by definition: Miracle Baby. My friend dubbed him Miracle Baby the other day. She's right. There's not really another way to describe Joshua Matthew Sams. He's Miracle Baby.


  1. He certainly is that! Your total love for him really shines through your writing.

  2. Hey Susie, came across your profile on BabyFit. I know you must have checked everything possible about encephalocene but i just thought i'd ask you to check

    They have listed encephalocene under their "treated conditions" list.

    I hope that's of help....Praying for you all and Joshua!

  3. And I am so happy that your arms are filled with your gorgeous miracle baby.

    I am so glad your power came back on - I would've been cranky too. Yay for carrot cake - yum!

    I'm right there with you - kissing baby fingers and toes, like their going out of style :)


  4. He is a miracle baby! I love reading your posts about each day! Still praying for you all - are you feeling better?

  5. It just warms my heart to come on here and read this. How wonderful it is that Joshua is doing so well. He truly is "miracle baby"! I was laughing at you eating carrot cake as your sole source of sustenance :) I could live on that (LOL).
    One question...does he go to well baby check-ups? I mean, he is still a healthy baby like any other. Are they brining him in to weigh him and look him over? They should because at this rate, he may be around for a long time :) God willing, he will be!

  6. I was telling your story at our house at dinner the other night. I have a daughter that is 12yrs. that really she means no harm, but only thinks about what movies are out or what song is playing. My DH and I were talking about how this is just a miracle and my DD said, "what cities does American Idol go to?" We were floored by her words. Well today I wanted her to see your baby and know the miracle he is, she looked and saw pictures and burst into tears, just wishing he was okay. I told her, he is still with his mom and dad and that is enough for all of you! We are here and praying for you! Kiss Joshua for us!


  7. I just discovered your blog in the past few days and haven't been able to figure out why doctors don't feel they can operate. Is it because of the size of the cele? He just seems like he's doing so well that maybe it could be a possibility.

    Praying for you all in Arkansas.

  8. can you please give Joshua a kiss for me, tell him I love him and a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from his aunt havie (don't forget to remind him that i'm his favorite!

  9. Happy Birthday Joshua, and many more. God Bless you all, enjoy your day together!

  10. Hi. I'm from babyfit January 2008 board (Username: Fifthmiracle). I've been reading all of your posts and keeping up with your daily blog. Joshua and your family have my prayers. He is such a miracle and I look forward to reading your updates daily. Your family is very special and Joshua is so lucky to have a family that loves him so much. Many people forget to enjoy the little things in life. God is good. You have my prayers. God bless your family. ~Angie

  11. He is definitely a miracle. I am prayiong for you and your family.

  12. Happy birthday, Joshua.

    Add one more thing to his list of perfectly typical behaviors- his two week growth spurt!

  13. Happy 2 week birthday Joshua!! :)

  14. Tell Joshua happy birthday, I showed his pictures to my friends at work, and they all think he is just adorable. Keep enjoying your beautiful little boy. and you are all in our prayers. Dianne

  15. God Bless you and your family.

    I stumbled upon your blog while google searching bruising during birth to explain to my 12 year old son what happened to him during birth! Never expected to find you. Needless to say, I read your blog and my heart and prayers are with you!! You have a beautiful family and a wonderful spirit. Peace be with you always.

  16. Happy birthday little Miracle man!

  17. Yay Joshua! I cannot tell you how it warms my heart each time I read your blog and see how well your precious boy is doing! God is SO good!