Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 15

I just realized that I take more photos of Joshua when I can put them online... Ok, maybe there's something wrong with that. But my guess is that I'm just a show-offy-mommy type, so if I can't be showing Joshua and Oceana off, why take a hundred photos a day (No, I wish I was kidding about the 100... but I'm not). And when I say less photos I mean... maybe only 25. Ok, in the days of 35mm this wouldn't have happened. But I thought I'd share my minor obsession with you.

Day 15 is a good day. It's muggy so Joshua's sitting out in his tshirt and diaper. I keep covering him with a receiving blanket because there's flies in the house. Flies landing on the baby gross me out normally. But flies landing on my son who's susceptible to infection - PARANOIA! I *literally* kill flies all day long. The fly swatter and I are good friends. I actually broke the fly swatter in half (the square at the end is now a half...) in my fury. I can't keep ahead of them, so I cover him up. Then he's too hot, so I uncover him... it's a vicious cycle. It's a can't-make-it's-mind-up day too, so one minute is pouring, the next it's sunny, and it's just humid and muggy and nasty constantly. Joshua's totally unbothered by it.

His cold seems better! Thank you for your prayers. We sent off his insurance stuff this afternoon. One more answer to prayer - it's out of my house, it's in their hands now. Until they try to deny him, then I'll be on the phone all day. Blah. I got a bunch of stuff ready to print - paperwork to send to immigration, the FBI, the birth certificate office in Wellington... only to realize we're out of computer paper. Argh... We live just far enough out of town that running to the store's not a zip-bang. So, hopefully we'll get some by tonight.

Anna - thank you for asking - I'm feeling MUCH better. My antibiotics kicked in and paired with a few more days of laying low I'm feeling like myself again. Just as a quick clue, I declined stitches after birth, thinking I'd be okay.

I wasn't.

I've been encouraged by a lot of people (both internet and "real-life") to get Joshua onto well-child checks. Here in New Zealand they do them in your home, so it's not an extra trip out for Joshua. So I'll be ringing Plunket (the organization that does nurse well-checks in NZ) this afternoon to sort out an appointment for him. I'd like to know if he's on target for growth and his feedings. I think he is, at least for feedings. But weight is such a hard thing to guess. Oceana took ages to start gaining weight, because I had problems with feeding. So if Joshua's not having feeding issues, no jaundice, etc - I'd think he's well into the 7lb range now, but I'm not sure.

Pictures will start back on (USA) Thursday. You think you can't wait? Ha! I can't wait!

Love you all

Prayers continue:
Peace, strength, etc for our family
Joshua's cele to stop leaking again (small drops, not big leaks like before)
Joshua's cold to go away completely
Oceana's cold to go away (she keeps trying to kiss him and she's all *yicky*)


  1. I am so excited to see new pics!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Susie,

    Yesterday i hadn't noted that you were in NZ. Have you checked with these people -

    They have listed a case of encephalocele being treated at Brisbane....

    Praying for Joshua and you all!

  3. Challenges abound, but My grace does much more abound! Meet every challenge with the assurance that I am with you to bring you through to victory. Do not be afraid. Refuse to allow these demands to cause you to stall out, but rather take everything in stride as you trust Me to provide the strength, wisdom and resources that you need to overcome in your struggle, says the Lord.
    Romans 15:13 Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Great to hear that he's doing so well :). As for the flies, could you maybe make him a canape out of some gauzy material? That way he'd still be able to breathe and get some sun, but the nasty bugs couldn't get at him.

  5. Looking forward to Thursday and the return of the multitudes of pictures!

    I hate flies almost as much as I hate spiders. that's a whole lot of hate going on :)


  6. Glad his cold is clearing up! Now I will pray Oceana doesn't "share" hers with him! That's the worst part of having ore than once child. the "recycling!"

    I'm also glad to hear you are feeling better. I will continuew to pray for your complete healing as well as your panic attacks.

    Onto the flies: Is there any way to make an type of canopy out of fine mesh? Kind of like a mosquito netting? I don't know if you have time or resources for that, but it would be better than covering him up and overheating him.

    Can't wait to see new pics! Love ya lots,


  7. I'm very excited to see new pictures. I hope you guys can stay somewhat cool and I'm glad you and Joshua are feeling better.