Friday, November 2, 2007


These are the cars my husband cleaned today. The blue one got a wash, the silver got a thorough clean inside. The silver one didn't need so much cleaning, until one of our youth got in the car with white powder/concrete substance on his shoes.... But that's besides the point. People are more important than things. It is soooo good to see Matt back on his feet and doing stuff again. Those burns were horrendous and kept him off his feet for a while.
This is the soup my husband made for lunch. I did not eat any, but it was spicy and I already had pregnancy-induced heartburn. But he made lunch for himself and Oceana. I think Josiah snubbed him as well and had noodles.
This is the bread my husband baked. No, I'm not kidding! And it's real bread, not "breadmaker" bread. Not that making bread in the loaf pans/oven is somehow holier, but we don't own one (and I don't know how to work one!). But he started this bread on his own, and I finished (ie. Kneaded the last of it, and shaped it). Oh - and put it in the oven while he did the above-mentioned car-cleaning.

My hubby's industrious isn't he???? And it's only 3:30pm on a Saturday. He'd be painting the house if he could find anything else to paint that didn't require an extension ladder.
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