Thursday, November 1, 2007

In recovery

Above photo is our *T'weens* Youth Group. Ages 9-11. Jerusha, Bethany, Abe (Ah-bee, short for Aberam), Regan, Rebecca, (Can't remember - coz he was a visitor), and Nasrina with Oceana. (Naz is Indian/New Zealand - daughter of a Muslim father, being raised by a newly Christian mom and needs lots of a prayer!)

Yeah, I'm that tired. I need to be in recovery. I woke up on Thursday morning with aching legs (from the Light Party). That wasn't so bad, but then I got home from walk to and halfway from Playcentre (about a mile, maybe less) and my legs hurt a bit. Then I took a nap. BAD IDEA.
I guess that when you're in pain and getting stiff, laying still for two hours on a cramped couch isn't a smart idea. I woke up and could barely walk. My legs felt like they were going to fall off below my knees.
I've realized that while I was pregnant with Oceana I always had sore feet/legs. But since I was work 25 hours a week, on my feet, going to school, and doing tons of other stuff, this makes sense. So when I didn't have pain this time, I thought it was just "different baby, different experience". OH NO! I just wasn't on my feet a whole lot this pregnancy! And I learned realllllly quickly that my legs get sore reallllly fast!
Last night, I was blessed to wake up from a 2 hour nap and discover my husband making dinner. Yummy. Dinner I didn't make! When I finally could walk again, both Matt and my brother helped me clean the whole kitchen and clear the table - I woke up this morning to a clean house! HOW AMAZING does that feel first thing in the morning?
I'm making sure I walk slow, and stay off my feet if I don't have to be on them - because I don't want to re-experience that pain any time soon.
I'll recover.

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