Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Worn Out

I first labeled this "completely wasted", but in my awareness of "all things youth" as I have to be these days - I opted for a more kosher sounding "worn out". And I am. Worn Out.
I feel like a wet dish rag quite honestly.
Tonight we helped run the Light Party - a Halloween Alternative. It went really well, but it is HARD WORK! Especially when you involve people who aren't used to *running* stuff (like games or MCing or crowd control).
So we had a free-play beginning, with hula hoops, hacki sacks, face painting, a colouring competition, guess the jelly beans/marble jars, etc. Then we graduated to games. I knew we were in for a disaster when I watched the team leaders (16-17 yr old boys) freeze when they suddenly were in charge of 30 kids and couldn't remember which game to go to first. So I ditched my cowboy hat and started off running! (PS. I am 7months, 3weeks pregnant). I felt like a drill instructor, you do this game, you do that game, stand here, set this game up here.
I think where we fell through was the transitions. We had stuff sorted for the actual games, it was the transitioning from games to story to song to parade that turned into absolute mayhem! And then I turned around a realized that a fight had broken out between about 6-8 10 yr. old boys. I find it unbelievable that with that many parents around (easily 30) not a single one tried to stop the fight. So what could I do? I marched over there in my pink maternity top and growled a decent "Oi!" and WOW - I'm amazed at my own ability, 7 10 yr old boys stopped dead in their tracks and stopped fighting. Woohoo for the mom voice! I wish I hadn't admitted that - "mom voice".....
Anyways, the night went well, but I really had to push to keep things flowing and keep everyone sorted. But when I finally stopped at the end of the night, my feet were killing me, my stomach hurt, I was thirsty, needed my chapstick (that was at home), had a tired toddler who wanted to be held, and a huge hall that was TRASHED. Thank goodness people are gracious about pregnant ladies sitting their butts down at the end and not helping clean up. It was all I could do to get home.....
So after a drink of ice water, a bowl of ice cream, and a reprieve of time online. I'm off to bed as soon as I go see my hubby. I'm sure he's about asleep on the couch.
I'm so worn out.....

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