Monday, October 29, 2007

I shall endeavor to try...

Weekends kill me. No, actually they kill my house. We run ourselves ragged Friday through to Sunday. By Monday morning, it looks like a bomb went off in here. And add in the fact that Matt and my brother Josiah got sick (violently) on Sunday into Monday, and then I felt queasy ALL DAY LONG on Monday - let's just say that the house didn't get cleaned on Monday.
Matt felt better in the afternoon and I woke up from one of 3 naps yesterday (Yah, I was wiped out!) and found the kitchen spotless - well the sink anyways. But now the rest of the house is calling my name - and the laundry is endless, and the bathroom/toilet need cleaning. And I sewed yesterday night .... so it's a mess. And the sink is full. The baby is asleep, Josiah's doing school, Matt's at the church working - and what am I doing? Wasting my time.

I shall endeavor to try.... to ignore this computer and get my butt in gear!

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  1. Holly "mama"October 29, 2007 at 8:01 PM

    I like that I can catch up on your lives here... :) I also blog so if you feel so inclined come on over! hehe