Sunday, October 28, 2007

He's a Keeper

This is my husband, Matthew Joseph - 24. I thought since Tarah blogged about her kid @ heart hubby, maybe I'd show she's not the only one.

Matt loves to play with Oceana, and besides that - he loves to play. Don't tell him I said so! These pictures were taken a few weeks ago on our vacation to Mt. Maunganui.

He enjoyed the see-saw swing (above) and the actual see-saw (right). He did ride it with someone else, I just happened to catch this picture.

He did play a more "grown up" game of rugby (below) with Tyler (who's also in the picture on the right) who's 12, and now lives in Fiji.

He's a handsome guy! I'm really proud of him. He has been my rock during this time with Joshua - and although we process differently, he has tried to be as understanding as he can of my crazy mood swings (not just pregnant ones too....)

Anyone who knows him from several years ago may notice that he's skinnier. He is - he's lost around 25lbs. He looks really different!

He's a keeper.

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