Sunday, October 28, 2007

Up Late

Tonight Matt and my brother Josiah caught what Oceana had - the sudden vomit flu bug - and so they both headed to bed before 9pm. Oceana was asleep by 8:30, so I started working on stuff that I hadn't had the chance to before now. That was at 8:30, it's now 11:10pm and I'm still up. I started surfing around to different blogs, and ended up linked to the Farley's - friends of Tarah and Seth. They lost their daughter to Trisomy 18 just a few weeks ago. She (Copeland) lived for a week. I watched her memorial video and read blog after blog about her and her condition - her time spent fighting and looking at pictures of her tiny 4lb. body.
As I sat here and cried at her memorial video - not having ever met this family - but understanding the potential pain of losing a child, and of anticipating possibly losing Joshua... he started to move.
He moves a lot, and usually I tune it out, because he's so much more active than Oceana ever was. He usually kicks or rolls or something for most of the day and if I wake up in the night, he's often kicking me.
But he has never before rolled, kicked, and somersaulted like this. I wonder if he knows that I'm thinking about him, or if he's following through with a prophetic word the Lord gave me concerning him - that he would "leap in the womb like John the Baptist at the presence of the Lord". I don't know if because the Farley's blog was filled with hope and prayers, and comments about how Copeland was going to be with Jesus so she didn't have to be in pain anymore - maybe that's why the Spirit of the Lord is here - maybe that's why he's moving. He's not usually this active.
And now I don't want to go to bed. I want to savor every moment of his movement. I think I'll surf until he slows down... but tonight it's just me and Joshua up - we're having a date. :)


  1. Susie,

    I know we have never met, and might not this side of Heaven but I have followed your story since you first told us about Joshua on Babyfit and have allowed me the privilege of being your MySpace friend.

    Joshua is constantly in my prayers and I just wanted to let you know one Christian to another that I truly believe that Joshua has a great work to do here on this earth for God's glory. I truly do not believe in my heart that his life will be short, but long and filled with God's love and glory. You have a very special little boy on your hands. My prayers are always with you and your family.

  2. That is so amazing. You are amazing me with your joy and peace in this situation. I pray God will continue to flood you with His grace.
    Love you