Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Oceana on her birthday swing in our backyard.

Oceana goes to a Playcentre - it's like play group - but there's no one in charge particularly, just us mums.

This morning she enjoyed the trampoline (called 'peen') and the slides. She is definitely an active girl. I'm excited that she's worn out - this is indicative of a long nap for her and some time to work for me! Everyone was remarking about how big she's grown - and how big I've grown! No one had seen me since I was 4 months pregnant and I hadn't told anyone I was expecting. So suddenly at 7 1/2 months I show up in my maternity wear. Hehehehe. I like shock value a bit.

These pictures are from Matamata, but they show Oceana in true form. :)
She keeps me busy, but she is so much fun (when she's not tired). Children are a learning curve, but they are so full of reward. :)

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