Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This is morning worship with both Discipleship Training Schools. The family school met on the right side of the building, and Pursuits on the left (younger, mostly single, crazy kids!).
times of worship were so fantastic, and really enjoyable since they added in music for the kids who joined us once a week. Can anyone sing "Father Abraham", do the motions, hold a toddler, and be 7 months pregnant? OH BABY! I can!

While I'm writing this, Oceana is saying over and over again, "Bah-bah" - or "Barbara" who is wearing a lime green jacket in the photo. She was Oceana's preschool teacher. They had a fantastic time - obviously! This is not a big picture, so I'm surprised she can tell it's Barbara - I guess she wore that green jacket more often than I realized!

This is Jordi & Ria from Holland with their son Timo. Timo is 16 months, and called Mo-mo by Oceana. Ria was pregnant during the school too. Do you believe she's nearly 6 months pregnant in this photo? Believe me, the fact that you can't see her stomach doesn't matter - she hardly had one. Ugh. It's great to have someone only a few weeks behind you in pregnancy who doesn't look pregnant in the least, still runs several times a week while pushing her jogging stroller, and still fit in her pants at 6 months. Blah to you Ria... Haha. I love her - she was great. They're now in India on their outreach. I hope "Mo-mo" is doing ok in that heat! And Ria - I can't imagine being pregnant and in that kind of weather with no option of AC. No thank you!!!

This is a picture of our graduation - that's Matt and I in blue next to each other. That was a coincidence. I was dressed and ready to go when Matt told me my tank top looked very obviously like a casual tanktop. Argh. So we ended up matching. Hey, if he doesn't wa match he should keep quiet about my clothes! Hehe. Anyone who knows us knows that we both own far too much blue for our own good and it's just too easy for us to end up matching anyways.

There are more pictures from DTS, but they've ended up on the external hardrive. Darn it. Matt's so good at moving stuff off our laptop that I barely get a chance to send pictures to people before they're downloaded to the external! I guess it's time for me to learn to use the external huh?

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