Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun Times at Blodgett Farm

Mika (my adopted sister's adopted sister's daughter... got that? She's my niece....), Naomi, and Oceana checking out the chicken coop.

Jacob (Mel's son), Ben (Mel's nephew), Naomi, Oceana, and Mika (Mel's niece)
Ben. I remember the day this boy was born. I had just turned 15. Wow, time flies!

Jacob, Mika, and my mom at the chicken coop

One of the prettiest little girls I've ever seen. Mika Jade is a gem. Love this girl to pieces. She and Oceana roll along like they've known each other forever.

Melody and I met when we were 6 and 7 way long ago. We've been besties ever since. Mel has an adopted sister who is Laotian, and Mel's son Jacob is African-American. Because Mel and I have been friends for so long we've opted for calling each other sister, because it's too confusing to explain the in's and out's of a 19 year friendship. So by extension, her son Jacob is my nephew and her nieces and nephews are mine too.

I love that Oceana's cousins are black and Laotian. I love what a gorgeous combination they make when they play together. I especially love that they only notice once in a while and ask about their color-differences. "That's just the way God made you! And He gave you different colored eyes and hair! He made us all different!" I love our eclectic family

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