Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

(((32 weeks with Naomi)))

Oceana Faith
April 11, 2006
7lbs 11.5oz

Joshua Matthew
January 8, 2008
6lbs 8oz
Promoted to Heaven March 15, 2008

Naomi Aroha
April 10, 2009
8lbs 2oz

D. J. S.
Miscarriage at 7 weeks
August 8, 2010

C. I. S.
Miscarriage at 15 weeks
December 24, 2010

Five precious children. Some I hold. Some I do not.

They all made me a mother.


  1. Happy Mothers Day Susie!! :D

  2. Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful momma

  3. Happy Mother's Day beautiful!

  4. I recently miscarried (again) and had to celebrate mothers day, not as a mom to 4 earthly children but as a mom of 2 earthly children and 2 children who live in Heaven. It was a hard day.

    Will be praying for you.