Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You know... in case you care

Monday I managed my water intake! I like I was close to 40+ ounces of "permissable" liquids. Apparently coffee CAN count toward half of your liquid intake. Well, that's encouraging!

Today - well today was a little harder. But I'm back at it tomorrow.

Now, let's not be fooled. I'm trying to maintain what I can. Water intake. Eating not-so-hideously. Exercising isn't going so smoothly.

Today I threw back a big smoothie (frozen strawberries, frozen banana, plain yogurt and a splash of milk). Then I froze because it was an enormous smoothie and it wasn't 89* again today. More like raining and 50. Bleck. Sun, if you're listening, please come back. And Rain - you better not have drowned my freshly-planted lettuce seed. Hear me!?!??

Back to exercise. It's hard for me. Like I've said before, Matt's gone a lot so my gym membership is sort of being neglected right now. But! I did figure out that it's been close to 6 months since Oceana's ridden her bike. She's faster and stronger now! She can keep up with me at a reasonable pace, and didn't complain once that she was "too tired" to get home (usually after a block or two %@*#%!). Now I'm on a mission to find a flatter place for her to ride (so I don't have to push her up curbs and broken sidewalk every 2 minutes). As the weather gets better (April Showers, sorry 12 days is enough, LEAVE!) I think we'll make it a routine to get outside every day for a walk. :)

I'm trying to make a *lot* of lifestyle changes right now - so I don't want to try and change everything in one day and then fail miserably. One thing at a time.

Water tomorrow. A good walk as soon as it's stops pouring. (((dirty look at the sky!))) Another smoothie for breakfast. :) And a clean house (among other lifestyle changes **wink wink**).

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